Product/ServiceBLOKNOT ANAPA
Category B02. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Production 2 SUPREMATIKA Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Vlad Sitnikov Possible Moscow CCO
Artem Filimonov Possible Moscow Creative Director
Marat Arutyunov Possible Moscow Senior Creative
Vladimir Lifanov Suprematika Founder
Valeria Mamaeva Possible Moscow PR Manager
Ksenia Boyarkina Possible Moscow Senior Digital Producer
Anastasiya Ashukina Suprematika Designer
Fedor Nozdrin Possible Moscow Art Director
Igor Smirnov Possible Moscow Art Director
Andrey Geraskin Possible Moscow Motion Designer
Evgeniya Maksimova Suprematika Motion Designer
Dmitry Litvinov Colorist

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Audience on which campaign was targeted at the least expected that people will have an opportunity not only to think about the problem in the abstract, but to get in touch with it. Promo-stands in the shops, outdoor advertisements in the most visited places and event organized as a part of the campaign helped to interact with the publics in the most effective way.


Pollution of the Black Sea is an important ecological problem. Each year thousands of tons of rubbish end up there, 80% of them – from the coast. But what alarms the most is that around 10% of this rubbish gets eaten by sea animals that we in turn end up eating. A small coastal town, Anapa, suffers from pollution as well – every day huge amounts of rubbish get on its beaches and city services don’t even have time to clean it all up. A city portal called “Bloknot Anapa” decided to draw attention to this problem and create a product that will help communicate possible consequences of pollution in an unusual and memorable way to the people living near the Black Sea coast.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

The city portal “Bloknot Anapa” brings up social issues important to its readers. However, it’s not only locals who are responsible for pollution but also tourists and other visitors. That’s why Bloknot Anapa decided to communicate the importance of this ecological problem not only to locals but also to potential tourists of the Black Sea coast. To show what impact irresponsible attitude towards environment can have on our lives, we created the first ever seafood created by humans. It is made of rubbish that was caught in the Black Sea. This range of products called “Our Sea” includes: a sea cocktail of tins, Black Sea mix of plastic bottles, cigarette stubs as sea gobies and a seafood salad from plastic bags. We also worked closely on brand’s style – all fish, prawns and algae depicted on the packaging are actually plastic bags, bottles and cigarette stubs shaped like sea animals.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The target audience of the campaign are people living near the Black Sea. The campaign was started in Anapa but we made sure that the idea could be explored by people from other countries that had Black Sea coastlines, so the website is available in Turkish, Georgian, Ukrainian and English. To make people consider the consequences of their behaviour we shocked them by putting our product on the shelves of ordinary supermarkets where locals and tourists go to buy seafood. Local media supported the campaign. As a result the product was promoted on billboards and in newspapers free of charge. Anyone could sign up for a community work day on “Bloknot Anapa”’s website and help clean up the coast.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

We collected rubbish on the Black Sea coast and masked it as real seafood. We put glass jars filled with rubbish and stylised as typical canned goods on the shelves of Anapa supermarkets. For the brand “Our Sea” we created a unique packaging style, the print of which we put up on banners and billboards around town as well as in newspapers and online. We also organized a promotional presentation of our product in shops in Anapa. Visitors could interact with the product, hold it in their hands, open the jar and take a look inside. Promo personnel talked to people about the new brand and invited them to join a community work day in Anapa that became the main event of the campaign. After the work day the campaign continued: we posted an order for rubbish collection in a local newspaper.

List the results (30% of vote)

9 mln total reach 2km of coast was cleaned x3 website visitors