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Category A01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Production 2 EDDY Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company AFG EUROPE London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Riccardo Fregoso McCann Paris Executive Creative Director, Creative President
Julien Chiapolini McCann Paris Executive Creative Director
Cedric Astrella McCann Paris Creative Director
Sebastien Boutebel McCann Paris Creative Director
Philippe Puech McCann Paris Senior Art Director
Lauren Haberfield McCann Paris Art Director
Adriana Luzzatto McCann Paris Art Director
Clément Le Bars McCann Paris Copywriter
Bruno Tallent McCann Paris CEO
Cédric Vanhoutte McCann Paris VP, Global Business Leader
Erik Bertin McCann Paris Deputy General Manager in charge of Strategy
Caitlin Bishop McCann Paris Strategic Planner
Valentin Audubon McCann Paris Motion designer
Karim Victorin McCann Paris Motion designer
Jefferson Lellouche Craft Director
Yannis Cullaz Craft Head of production
Arnaud Lemens Craft TV Producer
Yaël Guetta Craft TV Producer
Caroline De Génis Craft Post Producer
Juliette Paille Craft Assistant producer
Charlotte Goguet Craft Assistant producer
Isabelle Crechet Craft Sound producer
Mario Schiniotakis Eddy Director
Jean-François Bourrel Eddy Executive Producer
Maud Folléa Eddy Line producer
Didier Le Fouet DIgital District Post Producer
Aline Bernard The Hot Line Producer
Adrien Le Blond The Hot Line Sound Engineer
Eloi Asseline Weber Shandwick Paris CEO
Jean Paoli Weber Shandwick Paris Strategic Planner
Emilie Barrail Weber Shandwick Paris Account Director
Claire Rénier Weber Shandwick Paris Senior Associate
Dominique Laureau Weber Shandwick Paris Integrated media relations
Gérard Jousset Group Yncréa-Schools HEI, ISEN, ISA Président
Thibaut Defever Group Yncréa – Schools HEI, ISEN, ISA R&D engineer, Project manager
Pierre Durand Nestlé Purina Pet Care Business Unit Manager Specialist
Veronique Herman Nestlé Purina Pet Care Marketing Manager Specialist

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

We know dog owners would do anything to help their dogs live a happy and healthy life, but sometimes don’t prioritize veterinary check-ups, so we wanted to remind them of the importance of this crucial preventative care. We went after dog owners where it was convenient for them, on their daily walk. We used pheromones as a call-to-action for the dogs to pee on the billboard, and the data gathered from the urinary test to target the owners with an ad for the right product. We let them download the results so they could bring them to the vet.


Every year in France, more than a million dogs don’t get their annual visit to the veterinarian, because their owners assume there is nothing wrong with their four-legged friend. As a part of their survival tactics, dogs don’t show signs of their disease, so by the time those signs become symptoms, it’s sometimes too late to provide treatment. According to studies, 59% of animals have a condition that could be improved with proper nutritional therapy. If analysis were run more often, sometimes just adapting their diet would be enough to fix the problem for almost 600 000 dogs before it becomes serious. As an advocate for animal health, Purina wanted to come up with a way for the dogs to be tested early, by making it as easy as a walk in the park.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

It’s sometimes necessary to remind dog’s owners to regularly check their pets’ health. To make this medical necessity a part of their regular habit we turned dogs’ natural behavior, peeing on poles, into a seamless health test. Introducing Purina Street-Vet, the first digital billboard which collects and analyses dogs urine, transforming their daily “business“ into a routine check-up. First, the dog pees on the pole, then the urine is tested, and the analysis is displayed. If a disease is detected, Purina Street-Vet suggests a specific product from the Purina ProPlan line, clinically designed to prevent the development of disease. Dog owners can also download the result and bring it to the vet.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Purina is passionate about pet health, which is why they made ProPlan Veterinary Diet, a pet food line designed to prevent disease by providing the right nutrition based on early detection. Unfortunately, over a million dog owners in France weren’t taking their dog for their annual check-up. We needed to increase awareness of potential developing diseases in dogs in order to strengthen the relevance of the new product line amongst this audience. In order to do this, we wanted an easy way to get these dog owners to pay attention to their dogs’ health, so we aimed to make a test that would fit in with dog’s natural behaviour. We identified high traffic, dog friendly areas where our digital billboards would be most effective, and reached owners there. Our billboards then provided a targeted product recommendation based on the test results and encouraged them to visit a vet.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Born from 2 years of development with engineering institute, Yncrea, and veterinary clinic, VetParis7, Purina Street-Vet is an enhanced digital billboard that detects 4 health problems from a single drop of urine. If potential signs of diabetes (glucose > 2mmol/L), kidney failure (protein level > 0.12-0.15 g/l), urinary infection (leukocytes > 10 - 15 WBC/mm3), or dietary imbalance (pH < 5.0 or > 9.0) are discovered, Purina Street-Vet suggests a Purina ProPlan product and offers owners the opportunity to download the result and bring it to the vet. To make it available to the public, we identified 10 places around Paris where people walk their dogs and placed the billboard there for a month. Watch the tech-video in the annex for more information.

List the results (30% of vote)

Street after street, Purina Street-Vet has reminded the millions of dog owners in France about the importance of regular health checks for their pets, performing over 2,500 health checks, which revealed 1,024 health issues: alimentary imbalance (596), followed by urinary infection (367), diabetes (42), and kidney failure (19). More importantly, people were convinced they needed to visit the vet more regularly at a rate of 74%, and 94% changed their attitude about the importance of their dogs nutrition. 77% said Street-Vet improved the way they thought about Purina as a brand, and 83% increased their intent to purchase Purina products. (1) Conversation and news coverage spread across France, as well as many countries including Turkey, Brazil, Japan, and the US, generating over 50 million impressions, and enthusiasm amongst professionals and pet lovers around the world. 1. Source: SurveyMonkey Audience, quantitative study on 200 dog owners