Category A01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Entrant DARE.WIN Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation DARE.WIN Paris, FRANCE
Production PAVILLON NOIR Saint-Ouen, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Wale GBADAMOSI OYEKANMI Dare.Win President
Fabienne FIORUCCI Dare.Win Creative Director
Damien FOUI Dare.Win Creative Director
Marieke NAVAUX Dare.Win Creative
Clément NIVIERE Dare.Win Art Director
Rosalie NOEL CASSAN Dare.Win Art Director
Lydia FARAJ Dare.Win Strategic Planner
Kathleen Mc Nally Dare.Win Influence Manager
Arthur DE CLERCK Dare.Win Integrated Producer
Daniel ISMAILY Dare.Win Lead Video
Yohan BAULAC Dare.Win Motion Designer
Elodie SCHALK Dare.Win Account Manager
Natcha CREA Dare.Win Account Manager
Jimmy GUINDY PAVILLON NOIR Executive Producer
Camille MARTINEZ PAVILLON NOIR Project Manager
Sébastien BERSIHAND Bacardi Marketing Director Rebel Brand
Hortense PAYENNEVILLE Bacardi Brand Manager Get
Anne ERNOULD Bacardi Junior Brand Manager Get
Julia PHANG Bacardi PR Manager Bacardi

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

This work is relevant in the Direct category because it ticks all the boxes of a successful global activation. Consumers were directly affected in their daily lives, in an immersive way directly at the point of sale (bars, restaurants, street) How ? By using experience design in total immersion in the customer journey (directly in the street of Paris), that created customer engagement and increased the brand affinity and the business.


Situation : Make Get great again Brand values : Fun, Fresh, French Brief : Create a brand experience outstanding enough to develop brand desirability Objectives : Recruit the next generation of Get lovers by catching & triggering their attention Install a Get Reflex by infiltrating moments of consumption Be visible & be talked about

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

This summer, France endured the highest heat wave since 1947. In Paris, the temperatures reached over 43 degrees celsius and people were desperately needing refreshment. Get 27 is a fresh Mint liqueur, So we came up with Fresh solution ! Green Paint, but not just any paint : exclusive, innovative Therma Cote paint which create a thermal barrier to trap heat to bring temperature down by 9 degrees celsius. Then we thought what can we paint with this ? A glass, a table, a whole bar ? No a street, an unprecedented operation for an alcohol brand ! That’s how we created the freshest street in France, in a heart of Paris where people really need freshness.The Get Street became the place to be in Paris, as a result we made Get 27 the most refreshing drink ever !

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Get is always associated with friendly moments : Get Tour Insight When the heat comes, the struggle to find a source of freshness is real. And in an urban area, this quest for freshness becomes a real obsession. We wondered....How to bring a Get wave into cities? A fresh, fun & French wave that install the GET momentum, Generate social conversations and national PR coverage The target : mixed, legal drinking age : 18-29 years old, Festive, Convivial, Unpretentious Consumers were directly affected in their daily lives (street, bars, restaurants)

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

This live event take place for four days (11th of July to 14th of July) in the heart of Paris (rue buttes aux cailles). A fall street covered in green paint, 566m2 covered (ground, wall, lamp post, cars, benches) and everything in between was covered in green ; with 140 liters of paint by no less than 45 technicians in 50 hours.

List the results (30% of vote)

PR event More than 40 influencers and more than 30 journalist during the press event 211 stories by influencers / 44 posts by influencers PR coverage More than 40 articles + Tv coverage of the activation (2 national television) 589 476 637 indirect contacts / 512 479€ media value Live Event 1 607 GET drinks enjoyedin the HQ & GET bars 6 632 direct sales / 4050 bottles of GET 27 and 1578 bottles of GET X COLD + 98,8% Evolution of promotional business FOR GET 27 (VS LAST YEAR)