Category B05. Use of Print / Outdoor
Entrant DARE.WIN Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation DARE.WIN Paris, FRANCE
Media Placement RE-MIND PHD Lyon, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Mathieu ABADON Netflix Senior Marketing Manager
Geraldine Adam Netflix Creative Producer
Wale GBADAMOSI OYEKANMI Dare.Win President
Fabienne FIORUCCI Dare.Win Creative Director
Damien FOUI Dare.Win Creative Director
Leila Domas Dare.Win Account Director
Tom DANGUY Dare.Win Art Director
Antoine DES BEAUVAIS Dare.Win Senior Copywriter
Amandine THIEBAULT Dare.Win Account Manager
Daniel ISMAILY Dare.Win Lead Video
Yohan BAULAC Dare.Win Motion Designer
Rosalie NOEL CASSAN Dare.Win Assistant Director
Benjamin GRUMBACH Re-mind PHD Co-CEO
Geoffrey HAYAT Re-mind PHD Deputy director
Lucie Domenge-Chenal Re-mind PHD Account Director
Ludovic D'AUBERT Re-mind PHD Account Director
Marianne SOLAVAIN Re-mind PHD Content Director
Julien CHAPRON Re-mind PHD Account Director
Chloe LETOURNEUR Re-mind PHD Content Planner

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

We used true newspaper headlines on billboards to reach directly our target by approaching them on their day's itinerary (Bus station, Station, Subway, Street) and so act on their behaviour about our disturbing campaign.


T H E S H O W  Black Mirror is a disturbing & fascinating experience which plays on the tiny border between dystopia and reality. Black Mirror is a Netflix Original Series where human consciousness and technology drifts collide in a near future. BRIEF Let's create a brand campaign with a marketing hook that looks like a Black Mirror Episode A paid media activation talking to the fans but also to curious non fans Disturbing & Questionning, Simple, straightforward and Locally Relevant OBJECTIVES Create a campaign at the image of the show: disturbing, innovative, that will drive conversation...and maybe a bit scary. A great copywriting work. People have to stop what they’re doing and watch our campaign

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Our idea was based on showing that the future of Black Mirror is already here, by using the disturbing news (national or international) that echo Black Mirror episodes. So we created a national & local poster campaign (billboard on street, subway, bus station ...) reusing french press headlines that talked about technologies or society phenomenon that echoed episodes of Black Mirror.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Insight : The future depicted in Black Mirror is scary - but isn’t it already there ? - Play with the fact that our present is closer to a scary futur than ever Target : First and foremost to be talking to fans, enhancing their fandom and developing their willingness to share, to hopefully create an interest for non-viewers. Approach : We choosed to focus our campaign on something simple, straightforward, direct and easy to sum up and to explain. Call to action : People were directly affected in their daily lives, locally at their day's itinerary (Bus station, Station, Subway, Street).

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

That was a paid media activation, using DOOH and cover of french newspaper (20minutes) The activation begin the 3rd of June 2019 until the 12th of June 2019. We created a national & local poster campaign (billboard on street, subway, bus station ...) reusing french press headlines that talked about technologies or society phenomenon that echoed episodes of Black Mirror. That was a national activation

List the results (30% of vote)

All over social media people pointed out the pre-launch campaign and how, just like the show, it's a bit disturbing. More than 1000 thousand reactions on social media were spotted. The campaign was well received arguing the fact that the campaign is really coherent with the show’s DNA. We also managed to attract non fans who discovered the series thanks to our campaign All the objectives have been achieved, arousing the curiosity of non fans and creating excitement around the series for regulars We don't have access to different data of our client : business, consumer behaviour on the platform.