Category C01. Use of Social/ Digital Platforms
Product/ServiceUBER EATS
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev DDB Paris Executive Creative Director
Marine Sanchez DDB Paris Creative
Jack Poingt DDB Paris Creative
Paul Ducré DDB Paris Managing Director
Pierre Guengant DDB Paris Account Director
Coralie Bouillier DDB Paris Account Executive
Léa Villani DDB Paris Account Executive
Julien Scaglione DDB Paris Agency Supervisor
Marie Le Scao DDB Paris Social Media Consultant
Ann Brandford Uber Eats Advertiser Supervisor
Valérie Pons Uber Eats Advertiser Supervisor

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

This work is relevant for direct because it linked the tv show to a promotion, to fit to an insight from the brief : 50% of 18-34 years old in France have ordered food while watching a TV show, which represents 25% of the French population. This was a way of improving our customer relationships and generate more orders.


In France, Uber Eats faces a main competitor which is Deliveroo. Both of them provide the same service and more or less the same restaurants. So communication is the only way to create a difference with the competition and rise above regarding business performances and brand image. The brief was based on an insight : 50% of 18-34 years old in France have ordered food while watching a TV show, which represents 25% of the French population. The clients ask us how could they use the partnership with OCS (French SVOD provider) for the last season of the biggest TV show ever to increase sales and brand preference during the 6 weeks of the airing. And the objective was pretty simple : they wanted to create a reflex among the target « Binge and Order Uber Eats », as the new « Netflix and chill ».

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

The creative idea was a bit impertinent : we create discount codes which were spoilers. We had 3 types of discount: 10€, 5€ and free delivery. Each of them was available in a limited amount. And bigger was the discount, the bigger the spoiler was. The show was broadcasted at 3 a.m on Mondays and we made the discount available around 6.30 am to make sure only true fans could enjoy the promotion without suffering ! Otherwise the brand experience was bittersweet for those who entered the code in the app and didn’t watch the show first.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Considering the insight and the partnership around Game of Thrones, the strategy was quite easy to define. Regarding the datas, as mentioned above, our insight lead us to target Game of Thrones fans in priority, hoping they would consider Uber Eats first while watching the show or any other show in the future. And by reaching them first we wanted to be able to benefit from a halo effect on all people who watch the show and the press.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The Spoiler Codes existed for 3 key episodes: the first one, the third one (which was about an epic battle) and the last one (revealing the king). We created a dedicated Twitter account to make sure the operation would spread, and even use an ad in daily press for the first one and the last one. As Uber Eats was available in more than 70 cities at the time, we were able to make the Spoiler Codes a national operation.

List the results (30% of vote)

The Spoiler Codes operation was a huge success: . we reached 38,9M people . we lead to 39,500 orders . we created a community of 25,600 followers on the dedicated Twitter account . we generated more than 80,000 interactions on social media, counting over 21,600 shares