Category B05. Use of Print / Outdoor
Media Placement INITIATIVE MEDIA Hoeilaart, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Joost / Philippe / Jens Berends / De Ceuster / Mortier mortierbrigade creative directors

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Our interactive billboards acted as a direct and personal response to car drivers looking for their parked car. Intercepting their car key presses and drawing their attention to our message (public transport being the easier way to get around Brussels) resulted in a unique outdoor campaign. We turen a mass reach medium such as out of home billboards into a direct reaction to the people we wanted to reach.


Context MIVB/STIB is committed to promoting sustainable mobility throughout Brussels and improving the city’s quality of life. With over 370,000 cars travelling through the city each day and about 300km worth of traffic jams, they’ve got their job cut out for them. Challenge Encouraging drivers to change their habit and take the tram, metro or bus instead of their car is a difficult task. One way to nudge them in the right direction is to point out the pain points of driving and parking in particular, which is a stressful and time-consuming endeavour. Objective Success was defined by the impact our campaign would have on the way people thought about mobility: - Awareness: how many inhabitants would recall our campaign? - Image: how many would see MIVB/STIB as a contributor to a better way of living? - Intent: how many would consider using MIVB/STIB in the future?

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

What if we could turn every car key into free publicity for public transport? We developed custom-built digital OOH billboards with a single use case: recognising car key frequencies and reacting to them when someone is looking for or opening their car. Whenever you pressed your car key near one of our billboards you would hear the iconic “ding-ding” sound of the tram instead of the “biep-biep” your car normally makes. We also added direction indicators which would flash as well. Combining visual and auditory cues draws the attention of drivers to our message: MIVB/STIB is the key to get Brussels in motion. Simply informing drivers about a better mobility solution is fine, but getting them to try it out themselves would be better. So we accompanied our billboards with custom ticket dispensers. Each of these dispensers gave drivers a free public transport ticket.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

When it comes to outdoor, location is key. To make sure our message would be noticed we highlighted two requirements: - We wanted to install our billboards near those places in Brussels where parking is most scarce. - Our billboards had to be placed near one of MIVB/STIB’s many tramways. As such we combined the problem (parking is a mess) with our solution (enjoy public transport instead).

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Our campaign ran for two weeks in June of 2019. During these two weeks we only used our interactive billboards combined with strategically placed ticket dispensers in order to reach car drivers when the would be the most susceptible to our message: when looking for their car.

List the results (30% of vote)

Our campaign ran from June 20th until July 1st. In a little less than two weeks we managed to get drivers in Brussels to think twice about the way they move around: - Awareness: - 62% of inhabitants remembered our campaign - 27.451 car keys triggered by our billboards - Image - 77% see MIVB/STIB as a company that improves mobility in Brussels - Intent: - 77% see themselves using MIVB/STIB in the near future. - Hundreds of tickets distributed during the campaign.