Category B03. Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Entrant SID LEE Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation SID LEE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Sylvain Thirache SID LEE Paris Executive Creative Director
Johan Delpuech SID LEE Paris President
Stephane Soussan SID LEE Paris Creative Director
Romain Lehur SID LEE Paris Senior Art Director
Kim Froissant SID LEE Paris Copywriter
Thomas Lec' Hvien SID LEE Paris Account Director
Thomas Laget SID LEE Paris Agency Producer
Julia Flusin SID LEE Paris Producer

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

We put the visitors in the best possible conditions to look at the ceiling of the Opera House, and therefore, obviously, in the best possible conditions to test a mattress. At each stage of the experience the visitor knew on which mattress he was landing: a small sign (similar to pieces of Art in a museum) was sewn on top of the mattresses, at the beginning of the audio guide the voice indicated on which mattress the visitor was, finally each person left with a tote bag including a leaflet which described the ceiling details and the mattress as well


Tréca is a French luxury mattress brand. Since 1935, Tréca has been promoting the art of sleeping well, inspired by a long tradition of mattress craftsmanship and French know-how. In 2017, Tréca faced serious market losses. BtoC objective: Awareness Tréca's core audience was ageing (above 55 yo) while being too focused on the French market. The brand needed to be known by a younger audience (40-50) while building an international legitimacy. BtoB objective: Consideration Tréca was challenged by brands which rejuvenated the Luxury bedding industry. Tréca needed to be seen as a more modern manufacturer and a true leader of the Industry. They made one of their mattresses, the Imperial Air Spring, their solution to recover and attract new consumers.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

"95% of mattresses are purchased after a trial." L'Express Knowing that, we invented what could the most inventive mattress trial ever for a French Luxury brand: "While looking at paintings hanging on the walls, we often forget to raise our head. And yet, true masterpieces hover right above us without noticing them." For a week, Opera Garnier's visitors had the opportunity to land on Tréca's mattresses (Imperial Air Spring) and admire the Grand Foyer ceiling. An audio-guide created in collaboration with historians unveiled the secrets of the masterpiece (still daily used by the Opera Garnier).

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The Opéra Garnier in Paris is one of the most beautiful Opera Houses in the World. Every day, thousands of people visit it: " International & French provincial visitors (30-50 yo), who want to discover the magnificent architecture, from the inside " Parisians & international visitors (40-50 yo), attending an Opera, a Ballet, or even a concerto. Because mattress trial is the key decision maker, we decided to take it to the extreme by using this place with a continuous affluence. A place where you have no possibility to rest, but to keep standing during an Opera break, or during one of the daily visits. But, more importantly, a place where you have no possibility to comfortably contemplate the ceiling frescos, Art masterpieces from the 17th Century. So we offered them a solution to rest and to contemplate the ceiling frescos while listening to an explanatory audio guide.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

For a week, we placed two Imperial Air Spring in the most visited part of the Opera House: the Grand Foyer. A wing of the building, where Paul Baudry's masterpieces are painted on the ceilings. First, one day before the week exhibition Tréca invited BtoB guests for a private view. A concerto was played by an orchestra while the most important clients of the brand, landed on the mattresses. Then, each Opera Garnier's visitor had the chance, for a week, to land on the two Imperial Air Spring, an see differently Paul Baudry's masterpieces. Surprisingly, the Opera Garnier did not have an audio guide for the ceilings. In collaboration with art historians, we created it to unveil the best kept secrets of the masterpieces. Those audio guides gave the name of the mattress the visitors were landed one, and then explained in details every part of the ceiling above them.

List the results (30% of vote)

In a week, 20 000 people tried the Imperial Air Spring. This is 1000 times more than in a regular store. Both French & International people, from all ages, had the opportunity to try Tréca's mattresses under Paul Baudry's masterpieces. On the other hand, BtoB clients truly reconsidered the brand. As an example, following the experience, one of the biggest distributors, the Galeries Lafayette, made Tréca the mattress brand of the month, giving Tréca's products an important exposure. But more than that, so much people truly discovered a masterpiece, even those who spend their days in the Opera Garnier: " I've been working at the Opera House for 30 years, and I've never seen it like this. It's crazy, now I clearly see it. The ceiling has become a painting. " a security agent of the Opera Garnier.