Category A01. Creative Effectiveness
Entrant ACNE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ACNE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production ACNE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Johan Bello ACNE Executive Creative Director
Tiago Pinho ACNE Senior Creative
Joel Lindblad ACNE Copywriter
Isaac Bonnier ACNE Art Director
David Aronson ACNE Senior Copywriter
Lovisa Friman Bendz ACNE COO
Johanna Gustafsson ACNE Senior Strategist
Niclas Bergström ACNE Executive Producer
Malin Nyström ACNE Art Director
Tommy Carlsson ACNE Art Director
Christian Karlsson ACNE Copywriter
Simon Saarinen ACNE Art Director
Sofia Quintero ACNE Agent
Anders Kylberg ACNE Photographer
Morten Kjaer IKEA Creative Hub Creative Director
Louice Alvarson IKEA Creative Hub Assignment Leader
Jeroen Hubert IKEA Client Assignor
Anna Larsen IKEA Client Assignor
Mia Malmström IKEA Assignment Leader
Jovana Basrak Keric IKEA Client Assignor
Sanne Esseveld IKEA Client Assignor
Simone Page IKEA Assignment Leader


The content was a year of posts on social media, reacting with wit and humour to global happenings in popular culture – everything from designer bags, Apple Keynotes and record breaking sales on international auction houses to celebratory days of science fiction-classics. Basically anything that gained severe traction online was deemed worthy of a response. The objective with the creative work was to increase awareness of IKEA’s democratic focus, i.e IKEA is for everyone (Providing design, function and quality to a fair price). We truly made people engage with the content more than any other campaign IKEA has ever done before. The campaign even made into the IKEA Hall of Fame Museum. In total, the campaign all posts during this project had an effect on: Earned media: $9 200 00 Impressions: 1.04 billion Interactions: 3.02million Mentions: 83K Our Balenciaga response even made the Blue Bag the most sold IKEA product of that year. Source: MediaCom Jungle Link to casefilm: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G8bCHIjxmsjPzbwVUK1eW-aCXtlSJouW/view?usp=sharing