Short List
Category A06. Consumer Services/Business to Business
Entrant LE BUREAU Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation LE BUREAU Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement SCREAM MEDIABYRA Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production COLONY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 BACON FILM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 3 MUSIC SUPER CIRCUS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Josephine Wallin Ankarstrand Le Bureau AD/CD
Gustaf Sehlstedt Le Bureau executive manager
John Wernvik Le Bureau digital project manager
Claes Kjellström Le Bureau copywriter
Mimmi Ericsson Le Bureau final art work
Elisabeth Philipson Le Bureau product manager
Helena De Verdier Arbetsförmedlingen - The Swedish Public Employment Service campaign manager
Mattias Eilola Arbetsförmedlingen - The Swedish Public Employment Service campaign manager
Maria Ahnér Arbetsförmedlingen - The Swedish Public Employment Service campaign manager
Markus Ahlm Colony Agency producer
Martin De Thura Bacon Director
Samuel Cantor Bacon Producer
Markus Bergkvist Music Super Circus music supervisor
Jan Selling Scream media planner

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film depicts a number of people with disabilities, working. Lots of different jobs are being displayed. We want to show a ”normal” workday of working people but in this world everyone has a disability. Some people are on their way to work, others are working. One is a taxi driver, one is a surgeon, a third a museum boss, another bunch of persons are working in the stock exchange. We see a couple making out at a company party, and a guy with Downs Syndrome showing us a bit of dance magic. In the end, we see a politician or leader (without arms) coming out from a meeting. He gets into his limousine and looks us straight in the eyes. There´s a text saying: All jobs are for everybody. Hire us at görplats.se (the website where Swedish employers are encouraged to hire people with disabilities).

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The view on people with disabilities in Sweden is both traditional and conventional. This has resulted in ignorance, beliefs and prejudice among employers. Very few people with disabilities get a job and those who do often get less qualified jobs. Our campaign is aimed at these conventions in order to challenge employers to look for competence, rather than to avoid a person with a disability.