Bronze eurobest Award Campaign
1 of 3 Campaign
Category B06. Consumer Services/Business to Business
Entrant PER HøJ Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation PER HøJ Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement KEYTEQ Bergen, NORWAY
Production FUS Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Axel Bjørne-Larsen Per Høj Copywriter
Aslak Aalberg Per Høj Art Director
Gry Birgitte Bækkelund Per Høj Project Manager
Kine Larsen Nordea Digital Marketer
Martine Lootz Benestad Nordea Digital Marketer
Rikke Knudsen Keyteq Performance Specialist
Morten Borgestad FUS! Director
Glenn Huth Mæland FUS! Executive Producer
Ivan Jamne FUS! Producer
Håvard Byrkjeland FUS! Director Of Photography
Raymond Gangstad Shortcut Oslo Grading
Jonas Aarø Uhørt Editor
Marius Paus Brovold Uhørt Sound Editor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

An old woman and an old man is sitting by a table, telling the story of how they first met when they were young. "Back then, you had to swipe through hundreds of profiles," the old man says. "and every once in a while you'd get a match". The old man is sporting a full sleeve tattoo, and a futuristic watch. Their grandson is sitting there listening to them, looking bored. The grandmother continues the story: "And I was wearing this top that showed a little sideboob...", before she tells him that it was the first time she "hooked up with your grandpa". While they remain seated in silence, the pay-off text is showing: "One day you'll be the old one. Start saving for retirement today."