Bronze eurobest Award
Category B07. Not-for-profit / Charity / Governemt
Product/ServicePINK RIBBON
Entrant KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production INDIO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Adam Gäfvert King Art Director
Pontus Ekström King Copywriter
Lena Ivarsson King Account Manager
Tom Hedström King Account Executive
Michaela Wehtje King Planner
Per Wilson King Planner
Caroline Hallersjö King Studio Manager
Frank Hollingworth King Creative Director
Sunit Mehrotra King Account Supervisor
Joanna Nordahl Indio Director
Sergej Israel Indio Producer
Erik Henriksson Erik Henriksson Photographer
Markus Ahlm Colony Agency Producer
Joel Bringmark Colony Online
Veronica Espmark The Swedish Cancer Society Advertiser's Supervisor
Ted Gärdestad Ted Gärdestad Music and Lyrics
Kenneth Gärdestad Ted Gärdestad Music and Lyrics
Rebecca Edwards Universal Music Publishing Music Licensing Manager
Jan Friberg Universal Music Product & Licensing Manager
Sofia Kappel Sofia Kappel Cast
Felicia Truedsson Felicia Truedsson Cast
Elin Ström Elin Ström Casting
Ola Bäccman Ola Bäccman Grade
Lene Willumsen Lene Willumsen Scenographer
Kit Wells Kit Wells Film Editor
Linn Eklund Linn Eklund Stylist
Martin Mighetto Martin Mighetto Sound Designer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Come Give Me Love tells the story of two young sisters whose life gets turned upside down when one of them gets diagnosed with cancer. Through intimate scenes we follow the story from the younger sister Saga’s point of view. Her big sister and hero are suddenly forced into cancer treatment just when her life as a young adult is about to start. Saga feels powerless and scared when someone she’s been taking for granted slowly slides away in front of her eyes.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The Pink Ribbon campaign from The Swedish Cancer Association (SCA) has been an annual campaign in Sweden since 2003. A hugely successful campaign that gave the Swedish people both hope and a belief that a breast cancer diagnoses no longer needs to be a death sentence. There has been an increased survival rate but continued financial support for cancer treatment research is of absolute importance. The song Come Give Me Love is a lesser known classic performed by Swedish artist Ted Gardestad. He was just 17 years old when the song was released. The lyrics tells the story of a loved one who’s slipping away and the dedication to keep loving her no matter what. Gardestad is considered to be one of Sweden’s most famous artists of all time. His legendary status was further enhanced by the 2018 biopic, Ted - Show me Love.