Short List
Category B04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation ROMANCE Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 THE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Christophe Lichtenstein Romance CEO
Alexandre Hervé Romance Executive Creative Director
Julien Rézette Romance Art Director
Marie-Laure Dangeon Romance Associate Director
Thibault Loué Romance Account Manager
Émilie Talpaert Romance Agency Producer
Valérie Raguenel Romance Post Producer
Katia Lewkowicz Grand Bazar Director
Laurent Tangy Grand Bazar DOP Lighting Cameraman
Thierry Hoss Grand Bazar Editor
Sonia Philouze Grand Bazar Stylist
Clement Price-Thomas Grand Bazar Production Designer
Juliette Desmarescaux Grand Bazar Producer
Hugo Mérival Grand Bazar Executive Producer
Léa Villain-Barachet Grand Bazar Production Coordinator
Xavier Benoist THE Sound Producer
Vincent Bronsard Intermarché trategic and Operational Marketing Manager
Camille Sassi Intermarché Brand and Communication Manager
Vincent Fièvre Intermarché Brand and Communication Director
Augustin De Vulpian Intermarché Advertising Manager
Lucie Ducos Intermarché Project Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We are into the daily life of an old man who has lost his wife. By accident falling into his wife's old recipe book, he decides to look for the taste of a dish that only she had the secret to. A quest for taste that will revive, like a Proust madeleine, the memory of the one he loved so much. This time it's Benjamin Biolay, with a cover of Cole Porter's famous American standard "c'est magnifique", that accompanies the emotion of this new chapter from The Better Eating saga of Intermarche. This man is in search of the memory of a taste in order to find a second of eternity with the one who loves him. It's not a dish he's making, it's a journey.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

After having moved audiences everywhere with the 3-minute ad « L’amour l’amour » in 2017, Intermarché successfully re-awakened cherished childhood memories for the Christmas season with “J’ai tant rêvé” a year later, naturally creating high expectations for the next ads. This unique advertising saga, which reflects the brand’s repositioning to focus on eating better, established Intermarché as a leader in growth in France ahead of all its competitors. So, we needed to surprise people for the third time using the same ingredients : telling a big story that speaks to everyone, to the prism of the insight “we all have a reason to eat better” and the brand's mission : help people to eat a bit better everyday, Keep capitalizing on “love”, this time focus on something no one in the world could avoid ; the path of recovery after losing someone we deeply love.