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Category I04. Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight
Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement PHD Stockholm, SWEDEN
Additional Company VOLKSWAGEN Södertälje, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Anna-Emilja Salonen NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Simon Higby NORD DDB Stockholm CD
Andreas Dahlqvist NORD DDB Stockholm CCO
Maja Björklén NORD DDB Stockholm Client Director
Linda Lonaeus NORD DDB Stockholm Client Manager
Jonas Eriksson NORD DDB Stockholm Social Media & Content Manager
Susanne Johansson NORD DDB Stockholm PR Director
Per Sundin NORD DDB Stockholm Studio Copy
Mikael Norberg NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
Anna Lisspers NORD DDB Stockholm Print Production Manager
Jeanette Asteborg Volkswagen Sweden Marketing Director
Carl Sundstedt Volkswagen Sweden Commercial Manager
Olof Ringmar Mandarin Retouch & Photo


In 1969, a Volkswagen Beetle was wrongly parked on Abbey Road. Sadly, the parking mishap ended up on one of the world’s most iconic album covers. Back then, Volkswagen did not have Park Assist technology. But today they do, which is why they righted old wrongs and reparked the car, just to show how far Volkswagen technology has come in 50 years. The objective was to engage pop culture fans globally, while also showcasing Volkswagen technology that improves the driving experience.

Describe the strategy

Volkswagen targeted fans of two pop cultural icons – The Beatles and the Beetle. By releasing the Reparked Edition on the day of the official 50th anniversary, they reached people that were already celebrating and talking about Abbey Road. It also coincided with the release of the official Remastered Edition of the album. The Reparked Edition of the Beetle's Abbey Road was released exactly 50 years after Abbey Road came out. It was sold in record stores and on a campaign site online, just like any other new album release. Many Beatles-fans were already discussing The Beatles' up-and-coming release online, in forums and on social media.

Describe the execution

The Reparked Edition was released on September 26, 2019, exactly 50 years after Abbey Road came out. It was sold in record stores and online. To promote the new cover, Volkswagen ran ads in newspapers and DOOH. All proceeds were donated to BRIS, a children’s rights organisation.

List the results

· 425 000 000 unique media impressions · Tens of thousands of visits to the campaign site · The limited edition vinyl cover sold out in a couple of hours · Now selling on eBay for +2500% · 50 000 SEK donated to children’s rights organisation Bris · Exhibited at one of the world’s oldest and largest Beatles museums · Already a part of a lecture on The Beatles at the Culture and Arts School in France

Please tell us about the social behaviour and / or cultural insights that inspired your campaign

The Beatles' Abbey Road is one of the world's most iconic albums. Volkswagen noticed that there is a badly parked Beetle on the equally iconic cover photo. So, for the album's 50th anniversary, they reparked the car to promote Park Assist, a technology they did not have 50 years ago. Coinciding with the official release of the album's Remastered Edition, Volkswagen released a Reparked Edition – a new vinyl cover with a correctly parked Beetle.