Bronze eurobest Award

Case Film

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Category E08. Community Building & Management
Entrant MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company HARIBO Marseille, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Jean-Nöel Michel Haribo Marketing Director
Virginie Le Roch Haribo Head of Brand Management
Agnès Zimboulas Haribo Senior Brand Manager
Pauline Chautard Haribo Project Manager
Pascal Nessim Marcel CEO
Charles Georges-Picot Marcel CEO
Anne de Maupeou Marcel CCO Publicis France
Gaëtan du Peloux Marcel Executive Creative Director
Youri Guerassimov Marcel Executive Creative Director
Julien Simons Marcel Creative Director
Xavier Le Boullenger Marcel Creative Director
Yohan Benazzouz Marcel Creative Team
Gabriel Palut Marcel Creative Team
Arnaud Raquin Marcel Motion
Benjamin Taieb Marcel Partner
Julien Cassar Marcel Account Director
Coraline Moulin Marcel Project director
Éléonore Barois Marcel Project manager
Romain Brignier Marcel Strategic Planner
Romain Jouffriault Marcel Social Creative Lead
Emma Lietta Marcel Community Manager
Christophe Serret Marcel CTO
Lotfi Harrabi Marcel Developer
Edgar Lacouture Marcel Developer


Haribo, inventor of the gummy bear, is loved by kids and grown-ups since decades. Its multiflavored candy brand Dragibus, the main opponent to Skittles, represents 15% of its business in France. But, for the first time since 1973, the sales are decreasing. So, in 2018, Dragibus decided to reactivate customer’s love to the brand, by releasing a limited edition of its iconic multiflavored candy brand, made exclusively of black Dragibus. The brief was “to find a simple and efficient activation, within a $10K budget to make people aware and interested in these new packs of black Dragibus” (quoting Dragibus Marketing Director)

Describe the strategy

We observed that people mentioned Dragibus in their conversations on Twitter. They talked with kindless mainly about what color and taste was the best to them, and we could feel the love, and even addiction to the brand. We then spotted a small number of black Dragibus supporting communities. They were no doubt to them that the black Dragibus was king of all! The idea : “Dragibus Black Fortune”, a simple activation on Twitter to win a whole year’s worth of black Dragibuses. Tweet with the #DragibusBlackFortune, but there is a twist : no one else should tweet the same hashtag within the next 15 minutes.

Describe the execution

To stick to the product’s DNA, we chose a black treatment for the AD. We decided to twist a little the usual tone of voice of the brand - sweet and friendly – and to adapt it to our audience, in a more fighting spirit way. We first launched a video on Dragibus France Twitter’s account to explain what was coming up. We targeted influencers fans of our candies with large communities. The day after, we released our live video where people could try to win by tweeting with the #DragibusBlackFortune. The BlackFortune activation went immediately a Trending Topic, for 15hours. We worked with Twitter to improve the campaign’s AD and its achievements. We put a team of Community Managers in charge, and soon, a second one to help facing the success of the campaign. Finally, the operation was a huge success and contributed to recruit new followers.

List the results

The longest live action campaign in Twitter’s history : 35days, 18hours, 19min, and 41s Organic TT in 7 minutes, that lasted for 15 hours 1 tweet every 47 seconds during 35 days 65 822 tweets 3.5 Millions impressions with only a $10K budget