Category B09. Use of Social Platforms
Idea Creation WE ARE SOCIAL Milan, ITALY
Production WE ARE SOCIAL Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Paulo Cesar Gonzalez Barrios WE ARE SOCIAL Associate Creative Director
Alessandro Sciarpelletti We Are Social Creative Director
Daniele Piazza We Are Social Creative Production Director
Mattia Lacchini We Are Social Art Director Supervisor
Stefano Fraone We Are Social Senior Art Director
Michele Vicari We Are Social Creative Supervisor
Gennaro Borrelli We Are Social Senior Creative
Camilla Vanzulli We Are Social Senior Creative
Jacopo Menozzi We Are Social Senior Art Director
Theresa Ghini We Are Social Art Director
Lorenzo Canazza We Are Social Creative
Francesca Feller We Are Social Group Account Director
Alessia Bloise We Are Social Account Manager
Leandro Iorio We Are Social Account Manager
Alberto Monti We Are Social Creative Production Supervisor
Marta Prosperi We Are Social Strategy Supervisor
Alessandro Perrone We Are Social Producer Supervisor
Miriam Gregorio We Are Social Freelance Film Director

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Context was an essential part of our strategy. The IKEA feed is a social media space that people perceive as “violence free”, just like their homes. We decided to leverage this to show how cyberbullying can target us even when we think we are safe. In order to do this, we used one of the most common social media features in a new way: using a Graphic Content Filter to “unveil” and hidden kind of violence instead of hiding an explicit one. By this way, we turned a feature designed to protect into a feature to educate.


1 out of 4 teenagers in Italy has been victim of cyberbullying, a form of violence that happens even inside homes, but it’s still under-rated by the media and society in Italy.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

In order to make IKEA’s audience more aware about this invisible violence, we hacked our social media turning teenagers’ IKEA rooms into “Sensitive Contents”.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

For the National Day Against Cyberbullying, IKEA wanted to increase awareness about cyberbullying. Our strategy was to generate awareness about this problem showing the fact that home is not a safe place anymore, because cyberbullying is a kind of bullying that invades teenagers’ rooms through their smartphones.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

We leveraged one of the most common behaviors on the web: tapping the Graphic Contents Filter on Instagram posts. We hacked IKEA’s social media by applying the Graphic Contents Filter to our teenagers’ rooms. By tapping the filter, a normal room was revealed, exposing people to the invisible violence inside. Each blurred post told a real story of a victim. The same experience was replicated in-store, exposing IKEA’s customers to a victim’s real words. We inspired teenagers to actively take a stand, using special Instagram stickers to turn their rooms into special media to spread our message.

List the results (30% of vote)

In only one day and with 0 media investment, we achieved an online reach of 7,4M and 12M impressions, becoming the most mentioned brand during National Day Against Cyberbullying and reaching the highest spike of conversation about cyberbullying in the last 2 years in Italy, according to Google Trend.