Category B02. Mobile Apps
Idea Creation ISOBAR Courbevoie, FRANCE
Production ISOBAR Courbevoie, FRANCE
Production 2 BANDITS Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Marc Badinand ISOBAR Creative Director
Elzear de Trentinian ISOBAR Creative Director
Thibaud Le Juge de Segrais ISOBAR Copywriter
Fousseni Magassa ISOBAR Art Director
Benoit Bertrand ISOBAR Head of Strategy
Raphael Almazan ISOBAR Art Director
Emilie Basset ISOBAR Motion Designer


With 15 million members all around the world, Flying Blue, Air France and KLM’s Loyalty programme is the world’s largest loyalty programme for travelers. As a traveler’s companion, we wanted to generate ideas that shift pain to joy, foster stickiness to the brand and address one of the main issues of travelers: jetlag. Based on Flying Blue Data (destinations, travelers...) and the worldwide insight “jetlag : a burden when people travel we created The Jetlag Social Club” application, the first service that puts jetlag on traveler’s side and syncs the city to your original body clock. Our objectives were through this service to help the customer to cope with a real issue, to increase Flying Blue awareness and to become a part of the user's everyday life.

Describe the creative idea

Flying Blue, Air France and KLM’s loyalty programme presents Jetlag Social Club, the service that turns jetlag into an opportunity to explore! By connecting traveler’s data, geo localization and the mobile health center, the app senses your biological mood and sleep rhythm to recommend the right activity according to your original body clock. Firstly launched in Tokyo, the Jetlag Social Club offers 130 hand-picked experiences adapted for traveler’s jetlag. Sleepy, awake or hungry, travelers can now enjoy their jetlag.

Describe the strategy

We identified that over 25% of the 15 million Flying Blue members suffer from jet lag around the world annually. Committed to helping our members make the best of their travels and giving them back the personal and intimate feeling of discovery, we wanted to turn jet lag into an opportunity. We developed "Jetlag Social Club" application, the first city guide, based on your jet lag. A service that synchs with the user’s biological mood, sleep rhythm and internal clock to deliver real-time recommendations of experiences to live the city. The choice of choosing a mobile app was essential for the service to work: use of geo-localisation, GPS services, synchronisation with the mobile health centre. To reach a maximum of people, the app was available on the app store & android.

Describe the execution

We orchestrated the launch with a global campaign: • A long format film taking viewers into a jetlagged world. Without traditional narration, we follow 3 distinct travelers experiencing jetlag and also more abstract scenes, almost dreamy. • Contextual print in Air France Magazine and the Holland Herald (430 000 copies printed each month). • A newsletter sent to the French Flying Blue database planning a trip to Tokyo (4918 peoples targeted, open rate 37,90%). • Targeted influences on social media and YouTube. • Influencers articles and videos presenting their experience in Tokyo when testing the beta version of the application. • RP activation in marketing, communication and general media. Timeline: - Influencer team have been sent to Tokyo in March to test the app. - The PR, media and application where launched at the same in early July. The media lasted 1 month. The print was displayed in September

List the results

98% of positive reactions to the app regarding social campaign generating more than 500 comments. Regarding our objectives and our targeting (French air travelers), we recorded over 15,7M Impressions, 6,4M Unique viewer with our digital campaign. About 70% of videos viewed completely lead to a Apple or Android store redirection.