Category A01. Activation by Location
Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production GEP Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Andreas Dahlqvist NORD DDB Stockholm CCO
Jens Welin NORD DDB Stockholm Senior Client Director
Johanna Björnfot NORD DDB Stockholm Client Director
Annie Leander NORD DDB Stockholm Client Mangaer
Stina Nyberg NORD DDB Stockholm Client Manager
Erik Hagström NORD DDB Stockholm Interactive Producer
Tobias Bergenwall NORD DDB Stockholm Creative Producer
Petter Dixelius NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Joel Ekstrand NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Jonas Eriksson NORD DDB Stockholm Social Media & Content Manager
Kevin Beaulier NORD DDB Stockholm Social and Community Strategist
Anna Lisspers NORD DDB Stockholm Print Production Manager
Edith Sundberg NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
Fredrik Kjellström NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
Simon Eriksson NORD DDB Stockholm Digtal Designer
Andreas Janland NORD DDB Stockholm Developer
Christian Björnerhag NORD DDB Stockholm Photographer
Hanna Ostrowski House Agency Producer
Joseph Eriksson House Agency Photographer
Hugo Anderholm House Agency Photographer
Luca Monterosso House Agency Edit, motion graphics, online
Denice Heurlin House Agency Post Producer
Christoffer Rönnblad McDonald's Marketing Director
Lisa Palm Danielsson McDonald's Senior Marketing Manager
Sofie Lager McDonald's Sweden Marketing Manager
Rickard Berthold McDonald's Sweden Digtal Lead


Situation: McDonald’s Sweden has just established it’s McDelivery service which is now expanding all over the country. Brief: Show that McDonald’s are leading the way when it comes to convenience. Objectives: Make people talk about McDelivery. Make McDonald’s a natural part of hanging out with friends and family in the park during the summer.

Describe the creative idea

The Picnic Position Blanket – a unique treat for everyone that loves burgers but hates getting up from a comfy blanket in the park. Delivery services in Sweden need an address to be able to deliver food to you. So we created a picnic blanket that serves as your address, making it possible for you to get your favorite burger delivered directly to your picnic spot. All you need to do is find your picnic spot and scan the qr code on the blanket. Your picnic position is then registered and deep linked to the delivery service you choose. So you’ll always get your burgers from the McDonald’s restaurant closest to you – freshly prepared with minimum waiting time.

Describe the strategy

The target audience was the general public, with a focus on the cities that offer the McDelivery service. Our approach was to create something that people would share and talk about in the parks around Sweden.

Describe the execution

We produced 600 blankets that could be won via McDonald’s social media channels and the app. Then we invited followers via Instagram to get to specific parks in 10 Swedish cities on August 10 to claim their picnic blankets. The 400 remaining blankets where we handed out in less than two hours.

List the results

During the event, McDelivery orders were +21,8% compared to other Fridays. But most importantly, we solved a convenience problem and the brand became a natural part of picnic season.