Product/Service13ÈME RUE UNIVERSAL
Category A01. Activation by Location
Entrant BETC Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation BETC Paris, FRANCE
Production L'ENSEMBLE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Olivier Apers BETC Executive Creative Director
Guillaume Rebbot BETC Creative Director
Thomas Cahuzac BETC Art Director
Pierre Boissin BETC Copywriter
Clarice Roussat BETC Traffic
Kendy Ty NA Director
Fabien Saillant 13ème Rue Brand management
Angélique Vaquié 13 rue brand management
Suzy Couchot 13 rue brand management
Mathieu LAUGIER BETC Agency Management
Aude Devaux BETC Agency management
Bao Tu Ngoc BETC Head of Production


In every episode in the TV show CONDOR, the hero Joe Turner is on the run for his life. In order to survive he must escape mass surveillance. But mass surveillance isn’t just a part of the plot, it’s part of our daily lives. Does the number 48,038 remind you of anything? It’s the number of surveillance cameras in Paris, that cover 94.8% of public space, making it the most watched city in France. We took advantage of this device to dramatize the tension of Joe Turner's escape. Almost impossible to escape from, this allowed participants to put themselves in the hero's shoes. #OnTheRunChallenge: connect 2 points in Paris as quickly as possible while escaping Big Brother's watch.

Describe the creative idea

To introduce the audience to the TV show, we created a challenge that puts participants in the hero’s shoes. The goal: to connect 2 points in Paris while escaping Big Brother’s watch and the 48,038 surveillance cameras across town with a possibility to win a one-year cable TV plan to enjoy the show. After accepting the challenge on the RUNNING HEROES app, the runner only had to open their usual running app and start running. The runners then sent their routes to the open source surveillance camera map of Paris to be compared. The challenged was launched by 2 major sport influencers: Florent Manaudou (Olympic gold medalist) and Marine Leleu (the biggest female running influencer in France).

Describe the strategy

The campaign was launched 10 days before the show was on air, through different levers: - 13ème Rue owned channels: - Launch newsletter to the database - Relay on the 13ème Rue website - Publications on 13ème Rue social networks pages - Community management - Running Heroes owned channels: - Launch + Reminder newsletters to the database - Relay on the Running Heroes website + highlight on the homepage - Publications on Running Heroes social networks pages - Marine Leleu & Florent Manaudou communities: - Youtube vlogs with all the backstage and challenge preparation - Relay of short videos on social networks - Media: - Display and social media sponsored posts targeting several audiences: - TV shows fans + focus on thrillers fans - Sports fans + focus on running fans - PR (NBC & BETC)

Describe the execution

The campaign was launched 10 days before the on-air date to ensure a short but intense period of maximum impact on all the touch points, in order to gather the largest community possible for the launch.

List the results

- 34,870 challengers - 7 runners managed to escape the mass surveillance - 3 million views for the launch video - A big response on Social Media and in the press - Best launch ever for an NBC Universal series in France