Category B02. Mobile Apps
Idea Creation WENDERFALCK Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 JENS JOHNSSON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Linn Petrén Wenderfalck Project Manager
Adam Stark Wenderfalck Art Director
Julia Högberg Wenderfalck Copywriter
Frida Lind Wenderfalck PR Creative
Greta Rönneskog Wenderfalck Creative
Sara Wikberg Wenderfalck Media Specialist:
Sebastian Andersson Wenderfalck PR Consultant
Dolores Jansson Wenderfalck Influencer Specialist
Petter Rudwall Wenderfalck Creative Director


Samsung is a global tech giant, with human-centered innovation at their core. But few know they're also pioneers within home appliances, where the main purpose of their products is simplifying people's everyday life. The brief was to build awareness for Samsung’s smart refrigerator Family Hub, featuring cameras inside, making it possible to take photos and view the content of the fridge through your phone. The target was to create a campaign focused on the camera feature aiming to generate earned attention in broad media segments, reaching 2 million people in Sweden, and 10 million globally, with 50% of the articles mentioning Samsung and Family Hub. A challenge, since few media segments report about home appliances, and not at least since the product was not new. So how do you generate massive media attention for a product already launched, and who cares about a refrigerator – even if it’s got cameras?

Describe the creative idea

To bring Family Hub into people's hearts, we connected it to a natural area of engagement – dating. The most contemporary camera phenomena is the selfie. The average person will take about 25 000 of them in a lifetime, many ending up on social media and dating platforms. But in a world of polished pictures, it’s hard to detect who is “The One”. Leveraging the tiredness of online dating shallowness, we noticed one space in our homes yet left unstyled, thus, still truly depicting our inner selves – The inside of our refrigerators. We created Refrigerdating, a free dating app matching singles based on the content of their fridges, instead of polished pictures of human faces. The creative idea was based on human behaviour and a strong cultural context making it possible for us to tap into existing discussions online and creating relevance from a media perspective.

Describe the strategy

With love and kitchens as an overall theme and cameras inside a fridge to sell, we looked into related cultural behaviours. We noticed many conversations around polished selfies in social media, creating feelings of unfulfillment. The search for love, a backdrop for many dreams of flawlessness, seemed a good place to start breaking the barriers of false perfection. Stating that “It’s the inside (of your fridge) that counts”, we reached out to people looking to start a life, a home and a Samsung kitchen together with a fellow foodie. To highlight the fact that the Family Hub camera feature allows you to see the inside of your fridge through your phone, we wanted to create a solution that would be relevant on mobile devices. By connecting the dots between Family Hub´s camera function and selfies, we taped in to the existing mobile behaviour around dating apps and online dating.

Describe the execution

The app was launched in January, the month when most people sign up for online dating. We started by highlighting the tiredness of online dating shallowness towards lifestyle media, with the new dating app as the solution. We pitched towards dailies, tech, lifestyle and food media in the Nordics and internationally, and encouraged journalists to try out the app, creating their unique media story to report. As the news about Refrigerdating was covered by Cnet the organic reach exploded. In Samsungs channels we focused on single influencers testing the app, relying on the natural engagement of their already existing followers. We also communicated in-dept content on different fridge personalities, and what to look for in the search for a date. In a collaboration with the radio station Rix FM, two famous radio hosts tried the app in live radio.

List the results

Turns out, the world was totally ready for a new food-centered dating experience. Refridgerdating created massive headlines all over the world. The total reach for earned media attention exceeds 2,2 billion, with an estimated PR value of 76 million Euros. Social media boiled over with engagement and theories around what different fridges might say about people, a theme that you could immerse yourself in at People even made predictions about Refrigerating as the future for online dating. In total, Refrigerdating generated 490 articles, including pieces in prominent international outlets such as The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian and Cnet, as well as major Swedish media. 95 % of the articles mentioned Samsung and the Family Hub refrigerator. Last but not least, the campaign really did generate true love, as one of the radio hosts in the collaboration found her better half through Refrigerdating.