Category A07. Innovative use of Technology
Idea Creation GRABARZ & PARTNER Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Placement 2 UNRULY GROUP Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 14 FRAMES Cologne, GERMANY
Production 2 FC-TV Cologne, GERMANY
Production 3 STUDIO FUNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Ralf Heuel Grabarz & Partner Chief Creative Officer
Diana Sukopp Grabarz & Partner Group CD
Thomas Fritze Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Stefan Geschke Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Sarah Fröhlich Grabarz & Partner Art Director
Mariella Riedel Grabarz & Partner Art Director
Dominique Nuszkowski Grabarz & Partner Copywriter
Martin Gillen Grabarz & Partner Copywriter
Julia Wilhelm Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Jana Quest Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Christoph Sträßer Grabarz & Partner Production
Michael Güntner Grabarz & Partner Agency Producer
Malte Bringsken Grabarz & Partner Agency Producer
Sebastian Greiner DEVK Versicherungen Head of Corporate Communication and Online-Marketing
Christiane Niehaus DEVK Versicherungen Senior Specialist Creation/Media
Kiefer Tauchmann 14 Frames Gbr Director
Jan-Hendrik Dreyer Grabarz & Partner DOP Lighting Cameraman
Michael Meiters 14 Frames Gbr Producer
Natascha Heydorn pilot Berlin GmbH Media Manager
Thomas Schlosser FC-TV 1. FC Köln GmbH & Co.KGaA Producer


Cologne FC is battling to return to the first league. Once a very successful and proud club, they’re now buried in the second division. Their fans have never lost their typical Cologne-style sense of humour and support their team with vigour, but also with a twinkle in the eye. That’s why DEVK is so proud of being their sponsor. However it’s indeed a worldwide problem that more and more fans are rather busy with their phones during games than supporting their team. Since our campaign motto is „We turn your problem into ours “, our goal was to promote this motto within the target group. And developed a solution that helps the fans to become better fans in a fun way – so that the team gets the best support possible.

Describe the creative idea

DEVK is a sponsor of 2nd division football club Cologne FC. Our campaign motto is: „We turn your problem into ours“. To promote this motto within the very specific target group of Cologne FC fans and to give the players the best support they can get, we’ve developed, designed and built an innovative fan product: The DEVK Selfiescarf. The first football scarf that takes pictures while you cheer. On the front side a typical 140cm Cologne FC football scarf to support the team. On the back side with a built-in bluetooth button and a specially designed smartphone holder that fits all common phone models to take selfies. At first it all started in good fun. But then, it received so many requests to be put into series production, we decided to file a patent for it.

Describe the strategy

To promote DEVK’S campaign motto, we had to keep one important aspect in mind: The target group is very specific, local and geographically limited to Western Germany. We also wanted to add purpose to our sponsoring and position ourselves as a caring brand. We talked to Cologne FC fanclub members about the challenges digitalization brings with it. Then, we developed the scarf as a result of these conversations. We used the scarf as a medium, because it’s the type of merchandising item every fan knows. Knowing that this is a controversial topic, we used a tonality that is typical for the city: funny, charming but passionate and with the right sense of urgency. Then, we targeted our online content at Cologne FC fans on Facebook and Germany’s most important football websites. A CTA asked the fans to tell us if they want the scarf to be put into serial production.

Describe the execution

From the first draft to the actual prototype, the Selfiescarf was developed, designed and built in house. A limited edition of scarves was then produced in cooperation with partners. Coming with a specially designed packaging, we gave the scarves to the true core of the target group: members of fanclubs. They could then test the Selfiescarf in the stadium at an important home game. To promote the product, we spread an online film via social media and targeted it at all Cologne FC fans on Facebook and Germany’s most important football websites. After the end of the campaign, we decided to put the scarf into serial production.

List the results

The most successful campaign by a German insurance company ever. Within 7 days: - 1,7 million impressions, - More than 1 million views - Almost 50 000 interactions. - 39% increase of approval to the statement „DEVK is a problem solver“ - 40% increase in purchase intent - 49% percent increase in brand favourability - 1033% increase in unaided brand awareness. - 5,1% engagement rate. - 4,39 % Click-Trough-Rate - Several hundred requests to put the scarf into serial production.