Category A01. Activation by Location
Entrant HAVAS Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation HAVAS Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Stephane Gaubert Havas Paris Creative Director
Charlotte Dacbert Havas Paris Copywriter
Juanita Arena Pedraza Havas Paris Art Director
Elisabeth Billiemaz Havas Paris Executive vice president
Sophie Schiari Havas Paris Associate Director
Diane De Plas Havas Paris Account Director


Air traffic and mass tourism is rising very fast (1.4 billion travellers, +6% in 2018), causing lots of damages to natural sites previously untouched and protected. How could we help WWF France to protect these threatened natural hidden places and fight against plastic pollution? Objectives : Raising awareness among the general public to fight against mass tourism and its drawbacks; encouraging people to sign the petition against plastic pollution and pressuring governments to take action against plastic pollution.

Describe the creative idea

We won't be able to stop people from celebrating nature on instagram, but we can provide them with a simple and concrete tool to protect these secret places. This is why WWF France created the first generic geolocalisation beacon ever : "I PROTECT NATURE". A unique and responsible TAG to protect all the world's natural sites and give everyone a real power to act.

Describe the strategy

We started our thinking from one observation: geolocation on Instagram allows its users to share idyllic locations and landscapes, off the beaten track and still unknown from the general public. Celebrating the beauty of nature has a huge drawback, the arrival of hordes of tourists, leaving their plastic wastes behind them and causing serious harms to these natural places. When tourists’ facilities are built, local environment are being destroyed. To make it short : geolocation on Instagram encourages mass tourism who threatens biodiversity.

Describe the execution

We launched this action a few days before the beginning of summer holidays to "hack" the habits of holidaymakers just before their departure. WWF France first launched the movement with a press release and stories on Instagram in order to explain to its users how to use the new TAG. Many influencers then used the TAG and encouraged their community to do the same. This new geolocation TAG quickly became viral.

List the results

The results were outsanding. The media took part in the discussion, educating millions of people on the issue of mass tourism : + 80% signatures to the petition in 3 weeks (+ 1 million) + 7.9 millions impressions + 1.7 millions reach. Total audience : 773 millions of people. With 0 euros invested