Category B01. Use of Radio & Audio as a Medium
Product/ServiceSTRANGER THINGS 3
Media Placement WAVEMAKER Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Production STUDIO FUNK Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Frederik Hofmann MOTOR Kommunikation GmbH CCO
Thomas Rendel MOTOR Kommunikation GmbH Copywriter
Weber Roland MOTOR Kommunikation GmbH Copywriter
Maarten Dijk MOTOR Kommunikation GmbH Art Director
Volker Jensen MOTOR Kommunikation GmbH CEO
Julian Maßmann Studio Funk GmbH Sound Engineer
Felix Pace Netflix Marketing Director DACH
Sandra Humbek Netflix Marketing Creative Producer DACH
Denise Hujsl wavemaker Director Strategy

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio execution or campaign.

On launch day of Stranger Things 3, 4th of July, we simultaneously aired a 60 seconds long radio commercial on the relevant radio stations in Germany. It starts with a 80s style synthie pop song which gets interrupted by different walkie-talkie users. So listeners got the impression that their station was taken-over by "strange radio frequency interferences". Walkie-talkies are a big thing in the Stranger Things cosmos. That’s how the boys communicate with each other in the first seasons, and of course season 3 is full of walkie-talkies, too. So to boost the hype of the upcoming season we brought the acoustic nostalgia from the 80s walkie-talkie-feeling to the perfect communication medium: Radio advertising.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

An 80s style synthie popsong begins. A walkie-talkie-beep interrupts the song. Over a strange white noise we hear a russian man talking through a walkie-talkie: “Серебряная кошка кормит, когда синее встречается с желтым“* After two walkie-talkie clicks we the same guy continues sounding slightly different: „на западе. Поездка в Китай звучит хорошо. Если вы ступаете легко. Неделя это долго.“ After another click we hear Dustin: “Suzie, this is Dustin, do you copy? Over.” Click. Click. Dustin: “Suzie, this is Dustin, do you co…” Click. The russian voice commands over the be-ginning Stranger Things Theme: "4 июля на Netflix. 4 июля на Netflix.,4 июля на Netflix.” Click. Female station voice: “Now on Netf…” Click. *Note: The Russian code in the beginning is translated to “The silver cat feeds when blue meets yellow in the west. A trip to China sounds nice. If you tread lightly. The week is long.“ In the end the russian announces „4th of July on Netflix.“

Explain how the work innovatively used the radio / audio medium.

We placed our spot in the regular radio program. That's why it starts with a synthie song which is interrupted by a walkie-talkie beep and white noise. A noise best known from walkie-talkie signaling AND changing your radio station manually. So by bringing this sounds to various radio stations at the same time we made listeners believe that each and every relevant station was taken over by "strange radio frequency interferences".