Gold eurobest Award

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MP3 Original Language

Category B01. Use of Radio & Audio as a Medium
Name Company Position
Ilkay Gurpinar TBWA Istanbul CCO
Volkan Karakasoglu TBWA Istanbul Executive Creative Director
Toygun Yilmazer TBWA Istanbul CSO
Eser Yazici TBWA Istanbul Creative Group Head
Serdar Gungor TBWA Istanbul Creative Group Head
Melih Oguz TBWA Istanbul Art Director
Mesut Yuksel TBWA Istanbul Copywriter
Omer Ustundag TBWA Istanbul Group Brand Director
Müge Bozkurt TBWA Istanbul Brand Director
Secil Karbo TBWA Istanbul Brand Executive
Sanem Aktas TBWA Istanbul Digital Project Manager
Cantekin Gungor TBWA Istanbul Copywriter
Tugyan Celik TBWA Istanbul Deputy General Manager

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio execution or campaign.

Turkey’s leading telecom operator Turkcell can reach almost 40 million people everyday. In cooperation with The Families of Missing Persons Families Association, Turkcell became the voice of hundreds of missing persons’ families by turning missed call voice message into a new media. When you call someone if he/she can not be reached, a standard voice message starts. “The person you have called can not be reached at the moment”, and then, a relative of a missing person continues the message by saying that he has not been able to reach his brother for years. And then the message directs people to the website: The website lists information about hundreds of other missing persons. Names, ages, photos… The website also provides people with information on preventing future losses of loved ones.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

VOICE MESSAGE: The person you have called can not be reached at the moment. A MISSING PERSON’S BROTHER: …You can reach the person you have called on your next call. But I have not been able to reach my brother Abdulhamit Ozbilici for years. To help us find him and other missing persons please visit

Explain how the work innovatively used the radio / audio medium.

For the first time in the world, the missed called voice message has been turned into a medium for a social responsibility message.