2021 Brand Experience & Activation


Product/ServiceMAZDA CARS
Category G08. Market Disruption
Media Placement MINDSHARE Brussels, BELGIUM
Additional Company NEW BALLS PLEASE Zaventem, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Manuel Ostyn Wunderman Thompson Creative Director
Pieter Staes Wunderman Thompson Creative Director
Robbin De Waij Wunderman Thompson Art Director
Pim Smeets Wunderman Thompson copywriter
Tom Thijs Wunderman Thompson Account Director
Fee De Bock Wunderman Thompson Account Executive
Diede Michiels Wunderman Thompson Account Executive
Ingeborg Van Hoof Wunderman Thompson Agency Producer
Matthias Berghmans Wunderman Thompson Art Director
Tom de Block Wunderman Thompson copywriter
Joeri Quinet Wunderman Thompson copywriter
Yves Donceel Wunderman Thompson French copywriter
Jérôme Van Den Broeck Wunderman Thompson French copywriter
Bert Beckers Wunderman Thompson Motion Design
Katrien Muller Wunderman Thompson Designer
Kelly Catteeuw Wunderman Thompson Designer
Kay Karremans Wunderman Thompson UI Designer
Giele Cools Wunderman Thompson Developer
Joran Schaefer Wunderman Thompson Developer
Karel Van Gucht Wunderman Thompson Motion Design
Tom Vingerhoets Wunderman Thompson Strategy Director
Alexander Kolenberg Wunderman Thompson Strategy Planner
Jannick Broux Wunderman Thompson UI Designer
Jeroen Michiels Wunderman Thompson UI Designer
Anja Van den Broeck Wunderman Thompson DTP
Theo Hagtingius Wunderman Thompson DTP
Jan-Bart Debruyne Wunderman Thompson DTP
Sofie Verschaeren Wunderman Thompson Print Producer
Pieter Neirynck Wunderman Thompson DOP
Michaël Bombeek Wunderman Thompson Production Director

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

This physical and non-compromising brand experience, offered the good old ‘car show feeling’ in times when having any experiences at all is scarce. This made us stand out in a market where every competitor went online.


The Brussels Motor Show was cancelled due to the pandemic. A major setback for Mazda Belgium, because it’s responsible for 29% of their yearly sales. To still be able to immerse our customers in the Mazda line-up, we had to think outside the box.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We created the first Drive Thru Motor Show, complete with friendly hosts, brochures and individually wrapped finger food. Everything the usual car show has to offer, but all from the safety of your car bubble. Creating the good old ‘car show feeling’ in covid-times.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Unlike our competition, we took the ‘virtual motor’ show as a given. But we figured people would be tired of digital experiences since the lockdown and would be eager for real-life experiences. That’s why we went all-in to give people an experience at the moment they really needed one. And find a way -within the restrictions of the pandemic measures- to create a 100% covid proof event.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

This two-day pop-up event located at a huge parking lot in Brussels was the center of our campaign, featuring in a tv campaign, display banners and out-of-home.

List the results (30% of vote)

+ 9,8% more cars sold compared to last year (when there was an actual Motor Show.) + 22,5% increase in market share.

Please tell us how disruption in your market inspired the work

The national pandemic measures in Belgium restricted the number of people you were allowed to see to 4. This measure of creating ‘social bubbles’ put a stop to events like the Brussels Motor Show, but it inspired us to create the first Drive Thru Motor Show, all from the safety of your car bubble.