2021 Brand Experience & Activation


Category G07. Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility
Idea Creation MAKELOVE Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement MAKELOVE Moscow, RUSSIA
Production MAKELOVE Moscow, RUSSIA
Post Production MAKELOVE Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Kseniya Shapovalova makelove Creative director
Olga Kazmina makelove Head of strategy
Aleksandr Lysenko makelove Art director
Anna Kretinina makelove Employer brand manager
Olesya Dudnik makelove Copywriter
Nikita Emelyanov makelove Targetologist

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

The first social IT project in Russia, in which developers remotely flew drones and made photo to draw attention to the problem of nature conservation in Russia. Our aim was to influence business, to motivate companies to pay more attention to environmental issues.  But businesses start acting only when they see measurable results. Thus, we chose an activation that could collect developers’ contacts, gave them a new experience –– a remote drone control, and created a unique merch with the photos. We managed to collect contacts for recruiters and proved out that we are a company that cares about nature.


There are many environmental problems in Russia. And businesses don’t pay enough attention to their social responsibility and projects around sustainability. 80% of Russian companies from the top 100 don't even declare their concern for the environment (according to the research data of the National Research University Higher School of Economics for 2020). Companies also need to hire IT specialists, as the growth of online players in the market is being observed. But developers don't want to share contacts, they are tired of aggressive hunting. Nonetheless, they are more concerned with environmental problems than others. How to motivate companies to implement eco-projects, pay more attention to social responsibility? How to show companies that it might be profitable? We decided to motivate companies to engage in their social responsibilities and environmental projects, by showing that it’s not only good for their image, but can also help with recruitment .

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The idea is to involve business in the socially responsible projects through activation aimed at hiring IT specialists. Drone Ecozone — the first social IT project in Russia, in which developers flew drones remotely and made photo content to draw attention to the problem of nature conservation in Russia. Flights lasted 7 minutes, participants could turn the camera, choose the direction of the flight and take photos.The best photos turned into original prints on hoodies, t-shirts and tote bags. Each item contained the user's nickname, coordinates of his flight, a photograph and a serial number. Participants could buy their merch on the project’s website or share it over social media, to encourage their friends to buy it too. The profit went to the charitable foundation “Beautiful children in a beautiful world”, which takes care of national parks and nature reserves all across Russia.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

This project is designed for two target audiences. The first one is IT specialists — project participants. It is specifically middle, senior IT specialists who are fond of eco, traveling and computer games. Developers are the most sought-after audience, which don't want to share contacts. 52.9% of IT professionals are ready to change habits to improve the environment (RTGI research data, 2020) The second is HR, business specialists who change their understanding of the importance of eco-partnership during the project. «A unique project that proves that these things are worth doing and it is important to think out of the box» (Ivan Lunin, Head of IT-recruitment, Sense Group) The approach is based on the fact that developers are the most difficult audience. However, we were able to attract her attention with the help of unusual mechanics. Through a real example (situational mechanics), we show how to solve an image problem.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Realization: 01.06.2021 — 30.09.2021 The campaign was divided into several flights: The first (01.06-15.07.2021): а promo campaign to attract IT specialists and the activation itself (drone flights). We developed our own software that allows users to control the drone remotely from anywhere in Russia. Participants solved IT tasks, unlock drones, turn the camera, choose the direction of the flight and took photos. The second (16.07-30.09.2021): image part of the project, promo of the merch and its sales, PR campaign among HR specialists and business owners. Together with the Zaporozhets Heritage streetwear brand, we’ve developed a design for a limited collection. The best pictures of users became a print for a hoodie, T-shirt, tote bags. The merch was available for sale on the website. The profit went to the charitable foundation “Beautiful children in a beautiful world”, which takes care of national parks in Russia. Activation scale: all of Russia

List the results (30% of vote)

3 370 000 media reach 2240 contacts of IT specialists 90% positive mentions of brand M.Video-Eldorado +9% click through rate to the foundation's website We interviewed business owners and HRD of 70 Russian and international companies. 89% said that they would promote the development of eco-partnerships within companies, as they saw the effectiveness of such projects. «These guys really inspired us to introduce paper recycling in our head offices and take part in the “kind caps” promo» (Vladimir Shkrobov, head of corporate culture, internal communications, Megafon Retail) «I am sure — eco-theme will get even more attention soon, taking into account many activities associated with it. We plan to bring this into our line of work when it comes to employer brand» (Svetlana Kochkina, employer brand manager, Revolut) The market has learned that eco-partnerships are profitable, because they improve the company's image and help attract the most popular audience IT-specialists.

Please tell us how the brand purpose inspired the work

The growth of online players in the market is being observed. This situation contributes to buyers moving to online platforms and to the increase of digital consumption. The new customer experience requires a radical increase of the company’s technological level and shifts the focus towards investments in the development of digital assets. In this case, M. Video-Eldorado sets a goal to create a modern technological ecosystem and implement modern IT solutions. Moreover, technologies must also meet the criteria of social responsibility. Reasonable consumption and responsibility is a trend, also for the M. Video-Eldorado. In addition to the basic requirements, the company's position regarding the environment is also becoming increasingly important to employees. Focusing on the principles of sustainable development, the company pays great attention to charitable and social projects, supports volunteering among employees. The trend is eco-partnership and using of new technologies, including for M. Video-Eldorado.