2021 Brand Experience & Activation


Category B02. Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Media Placement MINDSHARE TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Ender Buruk Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/CEO
Fulya Ozari Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Managing Partner
Umit Tasli Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Creative Director
Buse Say Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Creative Group Head
Semih Turkmen Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Creative Group Head
Basak Ceylan Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Art Director
Ceren Saglam Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Head of Strategy
Pelin Karagoz Huner Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Strategy Director
Setenay Ergin Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Account Director
Nuran Rona Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Account Supervisor
Ezgi Bitmis Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Account Executive
Deniz Aksit Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Head Of Production
Cengiz Onal Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency/Graphic Designer
Leyal Eskin Unilever Vice President Home Care TUI
Duygu Dal Unilever Marketing Director Fabric Solutions & Sensations TUI
Melisa Kısacık Unilever Brand Manager
Mirella Habib Unilever Assitant Brand Manager

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

To follow-up our Yumoş detergent launch main communication we aimed to offer an entertaining time that our audience would love to spend with our brand. People were exhausted by the pandemic and the screens. They wanted to spend time outside and missed physical interactions. So, to create a hype in the SM, we made a twist and chose a rather nostalgic activation as a starting point: A building façade covered with physical Yumoş bears. It created an unexpected impact, people making queues in front to take photos to share on SM and the project turned into a national trending topic.


Having entered the Turkish market in 1986, Yumoş has been the lovemark in fabric conditioners category. Almost synonymous with fabric conditioner, Yumoş has been the leader in the category with the highest market share along with highest brand scores. Meanwhile, liquid detergents market was dominated by Perwoll’s 61.8% market share. Unilever needed a liquid detergent brand to challenge Perwoll in the premium category and Yumoş was perfect for this job as a much loved, renown and “associated-with-care” brand in the total Unilever home care portfolio. Therefore, 3 specific variants were created, claiming to perform better than Perwoll and launched with a higher price index.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Our campaign idea was based on a wordplay in Turkish meaning “Yumoş detergent is out / worked very good”. We had already launched our first campaign in January 2021 on TV and digital, and now we needed an impactful project to spread the big news further. It was March and lockdown restrictions had just been partially lifted. We knew people had missed the streets and anything that would cheer them up surprisingly would make a big difference. We know our Yumoş bears were loved by everyone, and we decided to spread their colorful and joyful positive energy to the streets.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

For our detergent launch, our challenge was both to bring our beloved Yumoş bears to the scenes as in our 2020 conditioner campaign, but also to create a clear differentiation and awareness that this time Yumoş “detergent” was out. Therefore, our priority was to register that now Yumoş also offers a fabric care liquid detergents family, and furthermore its 3 variants were superior in the market. Our Yumoş bears had first announced this “small for mankind but huge for Yumoş bears” news on TV, digital and social media. Then it was time to playfully focusing on making this news even bigger with more engaging projects.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We covered the façade of a building on a popular street in Istanbul, with our message and Yumoş bears to greet people with a surprise. Our wall was so joyful with colorful bears, each positioned and curated so anyone could find something to smile. Quickly long queues formed in front of the building… It was the most shared content and the most talked topic on SM. People created caps, memes of photos they took! 3 influencers shared fun fashion contents with 3 specially designed Yumoş detergent bags, each representing a variant. From our IG Stories, we guided users to e-commerce and, asked them to share their fun contents with their photos. It got into the news; influencers joined voluntarily. It appeared in a famous TV series, where we asked, “How many bears are there in the building?” and viewers scanned the QR code on the screen to join our lottery.

List the results (30% of vote)

• A major buzz of 49 k was created during the activation window. Interaction on Instagram within one month of activation increased by %2434 in comparison to previous month. • Increased overall Unaided Awareness of Yumoş brand from 83% to 89%. Aided awareness of Yumoş detergent only, reached to 67% within the first quarter of launch. • We collaborated with 10 SM influencers. With 9 reels, 29 stories, 5 caroussel posts, we reached 17.591.601 views and 1.128.027 engagement. • In only 3 months after launch, Yumoş Liquid detergent reached to 11.5% market share within light duty liquid detergents segment. Within this period, 90% of the yearly turnover target of the product range was met! • Successful results went beyond expectations and were even reflected to our conditioner business, creating a positive halo effect, with “ever trial” metrics of Yumoş conditioner increasing from 46% to 53%.