2021 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A02. Healthcare
Idea Creation HAVAS TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Production 3K1A MUSIC Istanbul, TURKEY
Production 2 AUTONOMY Istanbul, TURKEY
Additional Company BRANDIT Istanbul, TURKEY
Additional Company 2 CIRCUS Istanbul, TURKEY
Additional Company 3 CONTENTINE Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Ergin Binyıldız Havas Turkey Chief Creative Officer
Volkan Dalkılıç Havas Turkey Executive Creative Director
Berk Yılmaz Havas Turkey Client Services Director
Umut Karacaoğlu Havas Turkey Creative Group Head
Zihni Başsaray Havas Turkey Head of Digital
Çağatay Can Havas Turkey Art Director
Öyküm Avadan Havas Turkey Art Director
Baran Karacaoğlu Havas Turkey Copywriter
Ümit Açıkdilli Havas Turkey Copywriter
Serhat Varan Havas Turkey Head of Content
Ulaş Olkun Havas Turkey Digital Strategist
Elif İlayda Serbest Havas Turkey Content Writer
Can Yaylacıkoral Havas Turkey Motion Designer
Gözde Cumur Malahtari Havas Turkey Group Account Director
Ayça Demirbaş Havas Turkey Account Director
Sıla Salgın Havas Turkey Agency Producer
İrem Akalın Havas Turkey Agency Producer
Gözde Bilir Havas Turkey Agency Producer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

As Durex, we are aware that Turkish youth could not get proper information about sex. So we gave priority to education in order to introduce our new product “chill”, which has an objective to make young people feel more comfortable about safe sex. Our target audience learned more about safe sex and got to know the "Chill" product, in which they can find the fittest condom option for themselves.


In conservative societies where sexuality is taboo, young people have no choice but to learn about sex through porn. Porn movies tend to portray unrealistically perfect bodies and performances which makes young people less confident about themselves. Durex aimed a solution for the Turkish youngsters to find the “fittest” condom type and gain confidence easily and affordably, thanks to its new “Chill” package which includes three different condom types. For this, it was necessary to introduce both Chill and “the facts” to youngsters who could not obtain sexual information form their families, schools nor friends, and whose only source of information was porn.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Based on the researches, we found the “real influencers” that young people know best and would listen with pleasure on sexual matters: Their first real sex teachers… So we picked Lisa Ann and Rocco Siffredi as the teachers and made them advise young ones about sex safe and real pleasure.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We prepare a launch movie where our two stars rap in Turkish to get the attention of young Turkish audience. Then we invited our viewers to watch six separate films presented by the famous duo, each one focuses on different aspects of sexual taboo and misinformation. They enlightened the youth with sex facts and the convenience offered by Durex Chill.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

First, Lisa and Rocco announced that they’re coming to teach Turkish youngsters with Turkish posts. Then they spread the message of the campaign with a viral film that they rap about sex facts; and invited youngsters to 6 informative films that cover Chill’s features and sex tips. In the following steps, campaign gained momentum with stickers, memes, and influencer interactions.

List the results (30% of vote)

The campaign reached a total of 178M people; ad completion rate was 76%. While the rate of users passing the ad fell 46%, subscribers of Durex Turkey Youtube channel increased by 58.5%. Twitter views increased by 1608%, while Instagram views increased by 56%. Durex Chill grew by 195% in terms of sales and turnover over first three months after the campaign. While the market shrank by 9% in this period, Durex Chill managed to enter the top ten products in our best selling products list. Our rate of being the first brand that comes to mind among young people has increased by 11.5 points.