2021 Brand Experience & Activation


Category D06. Branded Games
Idea Creation GAMELOFT Paris, FRANCE
Production GAMELOFT Paris, FRANCE
Post Production GAMELOFT Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Thierry Lecat Gameloft Oversee and Coordinate the different teams and Supervise the Production of the game
Cedric Ratajczak Gameloft Responsible of the initial Game Idea and Supervise the Conception of the game
Christophe Tuan Cheron Gameloft Oversee the full development of the Game and Coordinate the Production team
Laurent Le Gameloft Oversee the Research & Development, Infrastructure and Technological needs of the game
Leandro Banak Gameloft Oversee the overall Art Direction and Art Production of the Game
Dinh Dong Khoa Gameloft Responsible of providing Technical guidance and mentorship to the team of Programmers
Baptiste Tauzin Gameloft Responsible of the Marketing & Communication strategies and overall Branding of the Game

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Applaydu upholds the Kinder vision and promises to meet today’s kids and parents expectations by providing an edutainment experience that enhances the usage of physical toys thanks to Augmented Reality. More than ten thousands families around the world are now interacting in a new way with Kinder toys, with an increase in liking for the physical toys and longer playing sessions.


For more than fifty years, Kinder Surprise has fostered the curiosity of generations of children. An iconic product offering a unique combination of three elements: the surprise, the toy, and the treat. But our world has changed, so the way children play, interact and learn. How to ensure Kinder Surprise stays relevant while keeping true to its values and making sure the iconic physical product remains at the core of the experience?

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The way children play, interact and learn has changed as physical and digital worlds are blurring; raising new expectations among today’s families. Parents want to make sure digital isn’t purely a distraction but also help their kids grow, and children claim learning is easier when it feels like play. To meet families’ new expectations, Applaydu promises to unleash the iconic tiny Kinder Surprise figurines from their physical limitations, opening a safe and imaginary world where kids can now interact further with their toys through stimulating & educational games. As an enhancer of playability, Applaydu was created to bring together children's thirst for entertainment and parents’ educational expectations.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Applaydu is primarily designed for kids from three to nine years old, hence the importance of staying close to their universe. Applaydu was designed to be inspiring and reassuring for kids: - Characters: introduces kids to a diversity of emotions and personalities thanks to 3D characters with amplified proportions. - Environment: provides a creative universe that inspires by using realistic materials & crafted design. - Interface: supports kid’s development with intuitive and easy-to-use controls & contextual user interface design. We wanted Applaydu to be not only entertaining, but also useful, that’s why Doctors in Children Education from Oxford University helped us create a collection of games that could support different areas of child development, with different levels of difficulty that dynamically adapt to the kid's learning time. Making each play session an opportunity to learn.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Applaydu is a free edutainment mobile app launched in August 2020 in a hundred countries. Created for the whole family, the app encourages bonding moments where parents and children can play and learn together. Applaydu allows kids embark their toys in personalized adventures where each decision and action will craft the outcome of the story. Thanks to Augmented Reality, kids can now take control of their toys, interact, discover their personalities in the real world, and immortalize moments by taking pictures with them. To support kids’ growth, Applaydu offers a collection of games co-created with doctors in Children Education from Oxford University, with educational potential across different areas of child development such as Communication or Mathematics, and development of cognitive skills. Applaydu’s universe introduces kids to colors, shapes and patterns thought to reassure and inspire them with recyclable materials that they can replicate at home with their parents.

List the results (30% of vote)

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