2021 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A04. Media / Entertainment
Idea Creation PUNCHBBDO İstanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Gülin Erdoğan PUNCHBBDO VP, Client Services & Business Development
Erçin Sadıkoğlu PUNCHBBDO Creative Director
Sanlı Kayabölen PUNCHBBDO Creative lead
Serkan Ün PUNCHBBDO Creative lead
Emre Ünaylı PUNCHBBDO creative process
Fatma Nur Uğraşkan PUNCHBBDO creative process
Ayşe Elma PUNCHBBDO creative process
Burcu Bağ PUNCHBBDO design
Buğra Bahadır PUNCHBBDO motion and animation
Bahar Arasan PUNCHBBDO digital lead
Cem Bozkurt PUNCHBBDO social media management
Beliz Atalay PUNCHBBDO strategy
Melisa Bakar PUNCHBBDO Strategy
Aylin Baysal PUNCHBBDO project lead
Livya Kuyumcuoğlu PUNCHBBDO Managing the communication between the client and the team, leading the creative execution process
Aslı Aykut PUNCHBBDO production process
Merve Naz Atmaca BluTV Marketing, budget and media planning
Burcu Yılmaz BluTV Marketing, budget and media planning
Burcu Sarıer BluTV Marketing, budget and media planning
Selahattin Cödel BluTV communication operation management
Metin Mertsoy BluTV coordination between production and brand

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

BluTV, an online streaming platform, launched the drama series Deeply, which told the story of a romantic relationship spanning over a decade from beginning to end. In the series, viewers watched past traumatic experiences transforming a relationship over the years. We wanted couples to see the series and their own relationships in a different light with a first in the world experience: “Commentherapy”, is an extra audio channel that gave viewers the option to watch Deeply with comments of a professional marriage counselor. Our aim was to engage people by offering another dimension regards to the concept of the show.


BluTV, an online streaming platform, differentiates with the unique stories and perspectives it curates. There is a lot of psychological drama series in Turkey nowadays. They tend to show the relationship of couples from the protagonist's perspective. With that popularity, people are very interested in character psychology and its analysis. Deeply, as an original BluTV series is the story of a romantic relationship spanning over a decade from beginning to end. It portrays the post-traumatic experiences of a couple. When it was time to launch the series, we had to find a unique creative idea that would connect with the target audience and make people curious.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

'Commentherapy' is the world's first “therapy dub. We worked with a famous relationship therapist and he interpreted each episode from the perspective of a marriage counselor. ” Adding an extra audio channel to the series in each episode with the comments of the therapist, we gave the viewers the option to watch Deeply with the comments from a professional marriage counselor.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

It was a show that it would drive people to analyze the characters' psychology and ‘play a therapist’. So we wanted to give them a first-in-the-world experience while watching the show. We looked for a creative way that will both drive traffic to BluTV, create bond with the series and cause a WOM around it.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Each episode was dubbed by the marriage counselor as an extra audio channel. The users had the option to watch the series with and without the therapy dub. People who watched the show could easily switch to the Commentherapy mode to follow the interpretations of the therapist which was a surprising effect as this was a first in the sector.

List the results (30% of vote)

Commentherapy was an instant hit on social media. It received hundreds of shares of the new feature on Social Media. And the huge hit was on BluTV platform with 48% of the viewers using CommenTherapy option while viewing the series.