2021 Brand Experience & Activation


Category G05. Cultural Insight
Idea Creation VCCP London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Fernando Kahane PepsiCo Marketing
Irina Panescu PepsiCo Marketing
Philippa Pennington PepsiCo Marketing
Adam Sears VCCP Creative
Ben Evans VCCP Creative
Ross Cameron VCCP Planning
Olivia Packshaw VCCP Account management
Tori Cleland VCCP Account management
Ed Mueller VCCP TV Producer
James Rouse Outsider Direction
Benji Howell Outsider Production
Alex Melman Photography Photography
Bill Smedley Bill Smedley Editing
Art Jones Framestore Editor
Simon Bourne Framestore Colourist
Paul O'Brien Framestore VFX Lead
Anthony Moore Factory Sound Design
James Utting Factory Sound Design
Sian Jenkins Framestore Producer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

This work is relevant for brand experience and activation as it is a campaign that has been created from a true consumer insight that is deep rooted into British culture. The creative idea was developed from this insight thus giving the consumer a different experience with Walkers crisps.


Lunch is the biggest consumption occasion for Walkers. However, Walkers still needed to increase their visibility at lunchtime. In the UK “the sandwich” is the no.1 lunchtime meal and even though 88% of UK public say that crisps make their sandwich taste better only 1 in 10 out of home and 1 in 4 in home have crisps with their sandwich. We used this insight to show Brits that eating a sandwich without Walkers (in your sandwich or on the side) is incomplete. The crisp sandwich is part of true British culture. Some like it, some don’t but every British person knows what one is.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We decided to use this deep-rooted cultural insight and provoke a national debate by asking the nation: are you #crispin or #crispout? Creating a TVC that brought to life the British idiosyncrasies of crisps and sandwiches in a humorous way. We partnered with Subway and for the first time ever Subway offered their customers the chance to add crisps to their sub sandwiches. We worked with sandwich guru Max Halley to create a Walkers Crisps recipe book and stellar influencers to help fuel the debate across social media.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We wanted to target the whole nation as lunch and crisps is something the whole nation enjoys. After all, despite 88% of Brits agreeing that Crisps make their sandwich taste better, its not an everyday habit. The way Brits eat their sandwich & Walkers crisp (In / Out) is a BIG controversial territory - everyone have its own loved, and often secretive, way of enjoying crips & sandwich. To drive Walkers crisp x lunch occasion memorability we brought the UK nation’s idiosyncratic #crispin and #crispout behaviour to life. By doing so, we make consumer reappraise their own crisp +sandwich behaviour, whilst positioning Walkers Crisps as a key sandwich ingredient. We also targeted foodies, next gen and those seeking bold flavours on our Subway partnership and our instore and e-commerce sites. We executed a personalization at scale strategy, adapting the digital assets with the right product.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

To ensure a high impact launch the campaign had 4 stages: 1. Fame launch: We launched the TV Ad with a media plan to drive 70% reach in the 1st week with premium Digital and TV spots such as Twitter first view and Youtube masthead. 2. Fuel the debate: We released the most comprehensive consumer research about sandwich and crisp consumption ever done in the UK. We also leveraged TikTok Gordon Ramsey Reacts platform & partnered with influencers such as Olly Murs, Laura Whitmore, Roman and Martin Kemp and Assim Chaudhry to drive social conversation. 3. Driving Culture: We partnered with Subway, creating a first of its kind partnership. We also crafted with Max Harley a Walkers Crisp sandwich recipe book. 4. Personalization at Scale: We created personalization digital content to inspire & link the right product to the right person through to the purchase channel (in-store and online).

List the results (30% of vote)

• +17% growth from 2019 • +10% Frequency: consumption of Walkers crisp at lunchtime • Subway: +23% PEP crisp sales • 10 Million uses of #CrispInCrispOut • 95.8 Million organic impressions in digital • Reached over 90% of UK adults • Over 700 million earned media impressions

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

Although it is not an everyday habit, every British person knows what a crisp sandwich is, some Brits love it and some don’t, but every Brit knows what one is. It has been part of British culture for many years and the people in the UK love talking about which crisps they would put in their sandwich of choice. Taking this deep-rooted cultural insight, we decided to ask the nation are you #crispin (crisps in your sandwich) or #crispout (crisps on the side and not in the sandwich) placing Walkers at the forefront of this conversation and reigniting the national debate.