Short List
Product/ServiceAUDI E-TRON
Category C03. Real-time Response
Entrant POL Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation POL Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Robert Radoli POL Oslo Creative / Copywriter
Thorbjørn Ruud POL Oslo Creative / Art Director
Petter Bryde POL Oslo Account Executive
Shirin Pakzamir POL Oslo Project Manager
Ole Jakob Skattum POL Oslo Designer
Tommy Jensen Audi Norway Client
Elin Rosnes Sinervo Audi Norway Client
Aksel Hennnie Einar Film Director
Guri Neby Einar Film Executive Producer
Nicoline Helgø Einar Film Producer
Rut Solli Einar Film Producer
Sebastian Andrés Knutsen Einar Film Production Manager
Pål Ulvik Rokseth Einar Film DoP
Cyril Boije Einar Film Post Producer
Ida Fiskerud Shortcut Post Producer
Magnus Evensen Shortcut Offline Editor
Eirik Aarnes Vik Shortcut Online Grade
Petter Fagelund Shortcut Composer
Geirr Johnsen Bråkmaker Case Video Editor

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Audi Norway’s “Don’t Hate. Imitate – The Super Bowl Clapback” was made as a direct, real-time response to competitor General Motors’ Super Bowl ad launched just days before the big game. Our swift video responses were produced and launched within 48 hours, just in time for The Super Bowl. Our social videos were targeted directly at GM and their hired gun, Hollywood star, Will Ferrell. By targeting GM and Ferrell directly with hilarious, entertaining responses, we achieved our other target: Social sharing and being at the center of the conversation in connection with the biggest sporting event in the world.


For this year's Super Bowl campaign Audi’s competitor, General Motors, promoted its electric vehicles with a series of teasers and a lead spot. “Why does Will Ferrell hate Norway?” was GMs big question. The spots featured Hollywood star Ferrell declaring his hate for Norway and waging war on the nation up north. His “hatred” was apparently fueled by the fact that Norway is selling more EVs than any other country in the world. As the best-selling EV-brand in Norway, Audi felt the need to respond swiftly and fight back in true Norwegian, salmon-slapping style with the best Norway have to offer. With just days left to the Super Bowl, we had to act fast to win the EV-battle of The Super Bowl.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

“Don’t Hate. Imitate” was the creative idea and the perfect response to GM’s and Will Ferrell’s “hate” for Norway. Urging them to follow our lead, rather than hate. We got Game of Thrones star and proud Norwegian Kristofer Hivju (aka Tormund Giantsbane in GoT) to defend our country and spearhead our epic clapback against Ferrell and GM.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

With just days left to the big game, it was key to respond as fast as possible and target GM and Will Ferrell directly and get together all the ingredients for a great, shareable social video response. And so, we did: Two big stars and two big brands in a public “back and forth” war, national pride, the biggest sporting event on the planet and hilarious video content that made people laugh, talk and share in their social media – all with the clear call to action: Don’t hate. Imitate.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Our comeback videos starred Norwegian Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju. We plaid around with key elements and storyline from the GM ads and hit back with a humorous twist. In GMs ad Ferrell, in his determination to hate Norway, punched a hole in a globe where Norway is located. We turned the crushed globe, the symbol of his hate to Norway, into one of the key elements in our response. Ferrell also prank ordered 5 million pizzas to Norway and mocked the history of Norway. All in which we used to create the perfect comeback. Our response videos where spread on facebook, youtube, Instagram and earned media and seen by millions. Pitched, produced and launched within 48 hours and just in time for Super Bowl. We fought back in true Norwegian style with a tailor-made, video response to Will Ferrell and GM with one simple message: Don’t Hate. Imitate

List the results (30% of vote)

Our response videos got over 3,4 million views in just 3 days. It generated 1257 news stories, 1,2 billion earned media impressions, giving us media coverage worth 8 million euros. With a fraction of the spend of the GM campaign, we punched way above our weight. We “won” the battle of EVs on the biggest day of TV advertising with a direct online film. And the ultimate mark of success: Our response created so much attention GM had to address it publicly. In the words of our new frenemy, the official GM statement: “It’s been incredible to see the high-profile creative responses to our Super Bowl ad and Audi Norway’s video series is a favorite at GM. The goal is to create a movement toward EVs and it’s natural for us to look to Norway, the leading EV-country.” Sounds to us like they “stopped hating and started imitating.”