Short List
Category E02. Brand or Product Integration into Music Content
Media Placement MEDIAPLUS Munich, GERMANY
Production SIMON & PAUL Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 2 NEVEREST Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 4 MOKOH MUSIC Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company 2 PLAN.NET Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company 3 SAINT ELMO'S Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Alex Schill SERVICEPLAN GROUP Global Chief Creative Officer
Myles Lord SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Managing Creative Director
Matthias Harbeck SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Chief Creative Officer Germany
Wenke Möller-Madhana SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Creative Director
Nils Frankenbach SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Senior Art Director
Frauke Ehlers SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Copywriter
Antonia Lüttringhaus SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Account Manager
Svetlana Herdt SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Teamlead Social Media Management
Benedikt Göttert SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Managing Partner
Victoria Wissmann MEDIAPLUS GERMANY Creative Media Manager
Jochen Lenhard MEDIAPLUS GERMANY Managing Partner
Max Leipert MEDIAPLUS GERMANY Digital Media & Creative Media Manager
Jan Stapf MEDIAPLUS GERMANY Consultant & Planner
Dennis Wachter PLAN.NET GERMANY Head of Digital
Christin Dückerhoff PLAN.NET GERMANY User Experience Concept
Kevin Prösel Saint Elmo´s Berlin Managing Director
Stephan Moritz Mokoh Music Executive Producer
Marcel Neumann Mokoh Music Music Producer
Madeliene Pfisterer NEVEREST Producer
Katrin Habermann NEVEREST Producer
Cornelia Pelech hmmh Frontend Developer
Svenja Rethmeyer hmmh Senior Art Director
Niklas Barning hmmh User Experience Designer
Karim Buchalla hmmh User Experience Designer
Jens Tangermann hmmh Frontend Developer
Heino Niemann hmmh Head of System Administration
Andreas Precht hmmh Head of Future Commerce
Birgit Koch SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Senior PR & Content Consultant
Lee Sharrock SERVICEPLAN GERMANY International PR
Anna-Theresa Hubmann SERVICEPLAN GERMANY PR & Content Consult
Isabelle Schneider SERVICEPLAN GERMANY PR & Content Consult
Marco Justus Schöler Freelance Photographer
Simon Fessler Simon & Paul Executive Producer
Lukas Sterly Simon & Paul Producer
Carlo Oppermann Simon & Paul Director / Editor
Klaus Kneist Simon & Paul DoP
Bernie Greiner Simon & Paul Grading
Tom Heinrich Simon & Paul Unit Leader
Sutida Vestewig Simon & Paul Hair & MakeUp
Anh Ding Simon & Paul Styling
Lara Seelig Simon & Paul Art Department
Darina Joordanowa Simon & Paul Gaffer
Pedro Torres Simon & Paul Food Styling

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

THE DARK SIDE OF SUGAR is a project that uses music as both a metaphor and a medium to create awareness about the dangers of developing type 2 diabetes from a high sugar diet. By using music and branded entertainment, we can target younger people more effectively than a traditional PSA campaign and become part of culture. At the center of the initiative is the band ''Risen From Shadows' – a German metalcore supergroup founded specifically for this project. All proceeds from merchandise, music sales and streams go to charity in the fight to prevent type 2 diabetes.


•Situation Type 2 diabetes is a preventable disease that killed 4.2 million people in 2019 – making this one of the biggest health crises of our times. Unlike conventional (type 1) diabetes, type 2 diabetes is a preventable disease that develops from a high sugar diet. The food industry is hiding extra added sugar in our food, making it difficult to control our sugar intake. Studies show that young people consume as much as 63% more sugar than their recommended daily allowance. •Brief Reach out to young people and open their eyes to the dangerous side of sugar – and how it can lead to type 2 diabetes if not consumed in moderation. •Objectives Teach young people how to identify and avoid foods with hidden sugar to control their diets better to prevent the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Describe the creative idea

THE DARK SIDE OF SUGAR is a collection of the darkest metal remakes of the sweetest pop hits; to make young people release that sugar is not as innocent as they think. Famous sweet songs like Robin Schulz's platinum dance hit "SUGAR", 50 Cent's "CANDY SHOP" and "WATERMELON SUGAR" from Harry Styles become haunting dark metal cover versions to shine a light on sugar's dark and dangerous side. And to draw attention to essential nutrition information on in the fight to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Describe the strategy

We used music and branded entertainment to create awareness in a traditionally hard to reach category to get young people to consider our message rather than just clicking away another health PSA. Music as Metaphor By creating dark and evil versions of sweet and innocent songs, we could shine a light on the dangerous side of sugar. Whether you like or dislike the music – the meaning and message are loud and clear. Music as Medium Using music and branded entertainment, we created engagement in the places that matter to young people; On Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, on Web Radio, Podcasts and music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Apple music and more.

Describe the execution

We launched the dark metal remake of ''SUGAR'' (originally by Robin Schulz) on World Diabetes Day, November 14th, 2020. The song was the center of a multi-channel campaign on TV, Radio, Spotify and social media. The music video for ''SUGAR'' reveals 36 surprising places sugar is hidden in our food and points people to Here nutrition information from ACTION ON SUGAR teaches young people how to avoid hidden sugar to help prevent type 2 diabetes. Then we released more dark remakes of sweet pop hits with campaign supergroup ''Risen from Shadows'' to raise awareness and build anticipation for the ''DARK SIDE OF SUGAR'' album release. THE DARK SIDE OF SUGAR is available on all digital music stores and streaming platforms. All proceeds go to the Diabetes Support Foundation to fund further education projects in the fight to prevent type 2 diabetes. Please listen to the music here:

Describe the outcome

- 17.7% engagement rate on Instagram (global average 1.45%) - Over 700 000 visitors to in the first 48 hours of launch - PR coverage reaching over 20 million contacts