Category D04. Brand Integration & Sponsorship / Partnership
Name Company Position
Charles Bal Havas Sports & Entertainment Head of Social Media & Influence
Julie Alexandra Bertolino GMF Communications Director
Jade Combescot Havas Sports & Entertainment Art Director
Fabian De Lacaze GMF Brand Director
Maxime Delaby Havas Sports & Entertainment Account Manager
Emeric Deminiere Havas Sports & Entertainment Deputy Managing Director
Daniel Dréan GMF Marketing, Communications and partnerships director
Adrien Feuga GMF Communications Manager
Jerôme Gautier Havas Sports & Entertainment Account Director
Stéphane Guerry Havas Play President
Audelia Leloup Havas Sports & Entertainment PR Director
Marie Jo Ninine GMF Head of Sponsoring
Lilith Peper Havas Sports & Entertainment Head of Strategic Planning
Viviane Picard Havas Sports & Entertainment Events Manager
Fabrice Plazolles Havas Play Chief Creative Officer
Ugo Medioni Havas Sports & Entertainment Account Director

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

GMF is the main service public agents insurer and also the only insurer of French rugby, and insures all license holders. And if insurance means care, it also means prevention. GMF is committed for the collective and for a safer rugby. It’s therefore relevant for the brand to position itself not as an umpteenth partner, but as a brand that acts concretely. Consumers and rugby players need proofs of this engagement. That’s why the best evidence to demonstrate its real implication was to create an object that could help rugby players to practice their sport in a safer way.


As THE insurance of rugby in France, GMF had to reassure about the practice of rugby and act for safer rugby Rugby has the reputation of being a dangerous sport, especially due to the tackles. We based our strategic reflexion and approach on 3 key insights: - the number of tackles has increased by 252% over the past 30 years - 50% of injuries during the practice of rugby are caused by a tackle - 76% of concussions are caused by a tackle There is thus a huge stake around tackling: not to prevent it, because it’s an integral part of the practice of rugby, but to teach practitioners to do it in a safer way. By creating our tackle bib, we faced these challenges with a concrete action that stand out in the rugby field

Describe the creative idea

Accidents caused by the tackles are linked to bad tackling practices and a lack of knowledge of how to do it safely. We therefore imagined a training jersey that includes visual cues that are simple, effective and efficient. Everything has been studied on the principles of nudge marketing to support practitioners to tackle well, both on the height of the tackle (lower body) and on the position of the head. All of this to help rugby players and all consumers to relearn to tackle effectively, efficiently, and, above all, safely. We designed this jersey with Health Experts and we made it approve by the French Rugby Federation. We aim to make all the rugby players in France wear this jersey during their trainings to educate them about tackling.

Describe the strategy

We targeted two main audiences : 1/ Rugby Players all over the country. For the launch of the jersey, 100 clubs of the FFR were concerned. They have received the equipment free of charge. 2/ Rugby fans or families that could send their children in rugby clubs. We wanted to fight the rugby’s brutal reputation- We also implemented a 360 program with few objectives : - explain how to use the tackle bib. - Create awareness around the safe practice of rugby - This program includes a study that will survey after 6 months of implementation the efficiency of the tackle bib in all the clubs where it was being tested. Our goal is for this tackle bib and this program to become an educational tool for all rugby schools.

Describe the execution

The program was launched during a press conference on January 8th, 2021, at the GMF HQ It was amplified by : - Social Media (teaser posts, digital movie to present and explain the tackle bib, interviews of the National technical Director of the FFR, of the Head of partnerships at GMF...) - PR coverage (TV, Radio, Written & Digital press...) Just before the press conference, the journalists received the tackle bib, the press release and some more informations to be fully aware of what GMF was about to present to them. After the conference, tackle bibs were sent to different medias to be features on sets or in their next publications It generated a lot of conversation. Many snack contents have been produced by GMF and the FFR during the press conference to be published after the launch inorder to keep the subject alive many days.

Describe the outcome

- TV coverage: 776,000 viewers - Written press & internet: 74,790,000 Reach - Movie : 3,300,000 views - International impact (press & internet) : 23,295,000 visits / month With this chasuble and as an insurer, GMF shows that its commitment is concrete and adapted to the needs of the field. Never before has a French rugby partner gone so far in its commitment. Beyond the obvious benefits for the brand, it is the players who will be able to benefit from this innovation, which is designed to make rugby safer. And changing the image of rugby by making it safer also means reassuring parents who are hesitating to enroll their children in rugby. The impact is therefore much more important than just the impact on the brand; it is designed to change the rugby.