Product/ServiceTV 2 PLAY
Category A01. Fiction & Non-Fiction Films up to 5 minutes
Entrant TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production 2 NEW LAND Copenhagen, DENMARK
Post Production TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Post Production 2 NEW LAND Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Chaga Signe Bruun TV 2 Creative Creative Director
Thomas Fabricius TV 2 Creative Senior Copywriter
Kasper Dohlmann TV 2 Creative Art Director
Jesper Andersson TV 2 Creative Brand Manager
Charlotte Refslund Thomsen TV 2 Creative In-house Producer
Pauline Kalling TV 2 Creative Project Manager
Tore Frandsen New Land Director
Trine Pillay New Land Executive Producer
Thor Brammer Jacobsen New Land Executive Producer
Tarquin Glass New Land Producer
Harry Wheeler Freelance Director of Photography
Nicolaj Monberg Freelance Editor
Mikael Balle Freelance Colourist

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

After many postponements, the 2021 summer was packed with big sport events creating immense competition for the viewers’ attention. To create awareness around an upgraded coverage of Wimbledon, we needed to create a piece of content that was captivating and entertaining. Since television began broadcasting live sporting events, audiences have occasionally subjected to the sight of a naked person streaking across the field, chased by stewards. Streakers are usually frowned upon in sports – and for good reason. By starring one of the world's most prominent streakers, it allowed us to connect with our audience in a new way.


Wimbledon is an iconic summer event, where tennis history has been made and many legends has been born. And as a completely new feature TV 2 Denmark’s streaming service, TV 2 PLAY, was going to broadcast live from up to 15 courts at the same time. But how do you get the Danes to watch Wimbledon during a summer packed with sports?

Describe the creative idea

The solution is a humorous tale from the British streakers' community, where the prospect of getting up to 15 additional "stages" for their naked performances is met with enormous excitement. "That's a streakers' paradise", explains Mark Roberts – perhaps the world's most famous streaker, with over 500 events behind him worldwide: “All streakers want to streak Wimbledon – probably the finest tournament to streak in the world.” In the film, in addition to the real Mark Roberts, you get to meet his friends in the fictional 'London Streakers Club 2021', where the news from TV 2 PLAY is welcomed with great enthusiasm. Up until now, those moments of having to leave a friend behind, dressed and unable to get naked on TV, have been tough. Fortunately, this year TV 2 PLAY solves that problem by making Wimbledon "a streakers' paradise".

Describe the strategy

The strategy has been different, as Wimbledon isn't the real focus, but rather the upgraded coverage of Wimbledon. The streaming from 15 courts at a time is an offering that exceeds any expectation. So, we thought the campaign should do the same. Streakers are usually frowned upon in sports – and for good reason. But for once, they seemed to be just right for the message. And when we cast Mark Roberts, one of the world's most prominent streakers, we knew it'd be both authentic and entertaining.

Describe the execution

The film aired on TV from June 14th to July 11th with an estimated reach of 80 percent of the Danish population. Friday June 18th the film launched across social media platforms. The film was part of a bigger Wimbledon campaign that also included more tactical elements that highlighted the specific matches.

Describe the outcome

The film reached around 80 percent of the Danish population and Wimbledon 2021 became one of the most watched Wimbledon tournaments in TV 2’s history of broadcasting the event.