Category A07. Brand Integration & Sponsorships / Partnerships for Branded Content
Media Placement MINDSHARE TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Production AMVG Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Ender Buruk Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / CEO
Fulya Ozari Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Managing Partner
Umit Tasli Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Creative Director
Buse Say Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Creative Group Head
Semih Turkmen Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Creative Group Head
Basak Ceylan Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Art Director
Ceren Saglam Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Head of Strategy
Pelin Karagoz Huner Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Strategy Director
Melis Su Tanlak Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Account Director
Setenay Ergin Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Account Director
Asya Bicer Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Account Executive
Ezgi Bitmis Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Account Executive
Baris Tosun Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency /Agency Producer
Deniz Aksit Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Head Of Production
Cengiz Onal Wunderman Thompson Creative Agency / Graphic Designer
Leyal Eskin Unilever Vice President Home Care TUI
Duygu Dal Unilever Marketing Director Fabric Solutions & Sensations TUI
Melisa Kısacık Unilever Brand Manager
Mirella Habib Unilever Assitant Brand Manager
Selin Kurkcu Unilever Assistant Brand Manager

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Yumoş Island was our 2nd follow-up project aiming to increase the impact of our detergent launch. It was designed as an engaging experience, in collaboration with Turkey’s most watched TV reality show Survivor, aiming to offer an entertaining time that our audience would love to spend with our brand. Our Yumoş Island game could be played with TV remote, mobile phone or yumoslisland.com, live during the ad break. It was the first time Survivor viewers also enjoyed playing on similar Survivor tracks in Yumoş bear avatars in our game.


Having entered the Turkish market in 1986, Yumoş has been the lovemark in fabric conditioners category. Almost synonymous with fabric conditioner, Yumoş has been the leader in the category with the highest market share along with highest brand scores. Meanwhile, liquid detergents market was dominated by Perwoll’s 61.8% market share. Unilever needed a liquid detergent brand to challenge Perwoll in the premium category and Yumoş was perfect for this job as a much loved, renown and “associated-with-care” brand in the total Unilever home care portfolio. Therefore, 3 specific variants were created, claiming to perform better than Perwoll and launched with a higher price index.

Describe the creative idea

Our campaign idea was based on a wordplay in Turkish meaning “Yumoş detergent is out / worked very good”. We had already launched our first campaign in January 2021 on TV and digital, followed by our hugely popular Nişantaşı outdoor activation project turning out to be a national trend topic. To follow up, we decided to create yet another out of box project to boost our popularity. We knew consumers loved our bears, they were also spending more time at home due to pandemic and gaming was increasingly popular. So we asked ourselves, what if Turkey’s beloved and popular Yumoş bears were even “out” on Turkey’s most watched reality / game show’s island?

Describe the strategy

For our detergent launch, our challenge was both to bring our beloved Yumoş bears to the scenes as in our 2020 conditioner campaign, but also to create a clear differentiation and awareness that this time Yumoş “detergent” was out. Therefore, our priority was to register that now Yumoş also offers a fabric care liquid detergents family, and furthermore its 3 variants were superior in the market. Our Yumoş bears had first announced this “small for mankind but huge for Yumoş bears” news on TV, digital and social media. Then it was time to playfully focusing on making this news even bigger with more engaging projects.

Describe the execution

We first announced with our teasers that Yumoş bears are flying to the Survivor Island. Then, we sponsored a prize game in Survivor show where teams competed to win the chance to spend a night in Yumoş villa, with their brand new and freshly washed clothes. Then we announced our interactive game “Yumoş Island”. Instead of a standard TV advertorial or sub banner, viewers played our game during the ad break with their TV remotes or mobile phones or on yumosisland.com. This way, for the first time, viewers could virtually join Survivor competitors in playing track games and spend time with our brand instead of going back to their mobile phones during the commercial break. Participants gave us permission to collect their data for a chance to win a trip to finale. The game created such a buzz that we decided to keep it permanently accessible.

Describe the outcome

• Yumoş Island game reached 2.5 million people on TV. • To reach more people we used 14 SM influencers with + 10.7 million followers in total. With 37 stories we gained 3.9 million reaches, 115.5K engagement and 77K mention taps. • A total of 401,289 people played on TV, web and mobile. • 34% of them played the game with the remote, 66% from the web and mobile • In May 2021, Yumoş scored +8.7 points in liquid care detergents compared to the month before. The campaign in total; o Overreached its annual KPI of 2% penetration resulting with 2.4% in 6 months o Reached 63% of the annual revenue KPI in 6 months o Anchored its rank to number 3 with 9.6% market share in liquid detergents market