Category B02. Talent: Live Experience
Name Company Position
Bruno Bertelli Publicis Italy Global CCO Publicis WW
Cristiana Boccassini Publicis Italy CCO Publicis Italy
Michele Picci Publicis Italy Executive Creative Director
Alessandro Candito Publicis Italy Creative Director
Matteo Grandese Publicis Italy Creative Director
Andrea Raia Publicis Italy Senior Art Director
Matteo Gatto Publicis Italy Senior Copywriter
Ilaria Lorenzetti Publicis Italy Client Service Director
Dalila Salhi Publicis Italy Account Director
Dario Gambera Publicis Italy Account Manager
Flaminia Costanzi Publicis Italy Junior Account
Andrea Battista Publicis Italy Data Strategist
Federico Guidera Publicis Italy Senior Social Media Manager
Vittorio Cafiero Publicis Italy Senior Project Manager
Ornella Scarparo Publicis Italy Project Manager
Francesca Zazzera Publicis Italy Head of Production
Erica Lora Lamia Publicis Italy Producer
Beatrice Pepe Publicis Italy Producer
Paride Vitale Paridevitale S.r.l Founder & CEO
Maria Teresa Frezza Paridevitale S.r.l Event Manager
Chiara Amendola Paridevitale S.r.l Digital Pr Manager
Elisabetta Savoia Paridevitale S.r.l Event Specialist
Simone Godano Groenlandia Director
Leonardo Godano Groenlandia Executive Producer
Cecilia Passa Groenlandia Producer
Leonardo Mirabilia Groenlandia DOP
Enrico Munarini Groenlandia Editor

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Spoilers: a big issue that is crucial to the whole industry of entertainment. All the past seasons of Netflix’s big hit La Casa de Papel fell victim to it. So, to launch the final installment of the show, we decided to excite the fanbase by creating a loud, spectacular, immersive experience, setting a trap for spoiler makers in the same way the characters from the show would have done. Thanks to the involvement of original cast members and an immersive design of the experience, the final content went viral in just a few hours.


Netflix always strives to bring the most memorable stories and the best viewing experience to its fans. That’s why the brand takes spoilers personally: they ruin the excitement and the hype people have towards a show or movie. And the more a TV show is filled with exciting plot twists, just like the past four seasons of Netflix highly anticipated hit La Casa de Papel have been, the higher the possibilities for them to be spoiled. Now, with only one season left in the tank, our goal was to protect fans of La Casa de Papel from spoilers in a funny and engaging way, to make sure their viewing experience was the smoothest possible.

Describe the creative idea

We kept potential spoiler makers away from the Internet, by luring them into the only place they were forced to stay offline: on a scheduled flight that took off at the same time of the release of the last season of La Casa de Papel. Giving a truce from spoilers to millions of fans at home, at least for 5 hours. An unexpected stunt that took fans by surprise: all of a sudden, they became part of a spectacular heist just like one that the protagonists of La Casa de Papel usually commit. A sensation heightened by the presence of Actor Darko Peric, who impersonates the fan-favorite thief Helsinki: once the plane landed, he revealed he was on board all the time, hidden among the crew, behind the iconic Dalì mask usually worn by the band.

Describe the strategy

Data told us that everybody hates spoilers. But despite this, 27% of viewers think it’s acceptable to discuss major plot twists on Socials immediately after a series has been released. What’s even worse is that as much as 12.5% of the whole conversation about a series that will ever happen online occurs in the first five hours after a show gets released… And is made up almost entirely by spoilers. These numbers helped us come up with a precise plan: to stop spoilers, we had to lure spoiler makers out and keep them away from the Internet during the first, crucial hours from the release of the show. And to get our anti-spoiler message accross our fanbase, we had to disconnect them in an unexpected fashion, in the spectacular style of the series and with a little help from an original cast member of La Casa de Papel.

Describe the execution

A month before the release of the last season of La Casa de Papel, we tracked down those who spoiled the show in the past, offering them an exclusive screening of the last season in Madrid. We booked all the seats of a scheduled flight, taking off at the same time of the release of the series on Netflix. Everything, from check-in desks to plane livery and crew’s uniforms was customized to convince them they were part of an exclusive experience for the most hardcore fans. But once in the air, they discovered they were about to watch the show right on the plane. The only place where their smartphones had to stay disconnected from the Internet. To help fans at home feeling they were protected from spoilers by a true heist of their beloved gang, we involved actor Darko Peric, hiding him among the plane crew all the time.

Describe the outcome

The exposure gained by our plan against spoilers resulted in an astounding 24 million views of the final content and an international coverage by the main news outlets. The content went viral on TikTok, an achievement made possible also thanks to the involvement of original cast member Darko Peric. But the most important result was that we took away a potential reach of more than 7 million from the hands of spoiler makers in the first hours after the last installment of La Casa de Papel was released.