Category C02. Brand Integration for Games
Entrant GROUPE BEL Suresnes, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Guillaume Lartigue Steve Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer
Edouard Dorbais Steve Creative Director
Dany Huang Steve Artistic Director
Lauren Hatton Steve Copywriter
Sandrine Delabre Steve Registrant

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

The Cube Hunt is an event that has brought Gen Zers together. Taking place in the cube game Minecraft, players enjoyed hours of fun and entertainment. The cube Hunt became the most popular brand’s event on Minecraft in France, and number two overall which is exceptional for a brand.


Apericube is a patrimonial French brand made of funny small cheese cubes in various flavors, and designed to be served as aperitifs or snacks. Apéricubes are well known but less consumed by Gen Z. While this generation knows all about cubes, they find them in their favorite video games. To rejuvenate Apericubes and release its entertainment potential. To do so, we played with its iconic and easy-to-appropriate cube shape to transform the traditional Easter egg hunt into a never-before-seen "cube hunt".

Describe the creative idea

We decided to use the iconic cube shape of the product and turn it into a gaming feature. During the Easter holidays, we launched a never-before-seen epic event: The Cube Hunt, in the most cubic video game of all time : Minecraft. During a 3-day Twitch event, players had to hunt a maximum amount of Apericubes in 3 beautiful maps especially created for the brand. Games had to play together to find the cubes and unlock the different maps, collect items and, finally, beat a dragon. Th more players hunted Apericubes in the maps, the more chances they had to win a reward.

Describe the strategy

Apericube has everything Gen Sers love: it’s tasty, it’s colorful, and its cube shape makes it super playful. Juste what this generation needs in 2021. Apericube is the perfect product for them. They just needed a smart reminder. And there is one universe where cubes re really cool : Gaming. From building blocks to loot boxes, cubes are everywhere in video games! It is therefore on this field that we will be able to reconnect the brand to this generation.

Describe the execution

The event was launched live on Twitch by an influencer @Theguill84, who gave access to the first map. Then the hunt continued until April 6: Each time a player collected an Apéricube®, he earned points and a riddle was proposed in the chat in order to win more (like the famous questions usually found on the Apéricube® in real life). He also received equipment to face the dragon in the last map. The number of common points for all players increased with each Apéricube® discovered, in order to access the next level, and therefore the next map. The player who accumulated most points thanks to the hunt for the Apéricube® cubes won a latest-generation console and the next nine players in the ranking won Steam prepaid cards. The operation was also relayed on Twitch, on the Apéricube® Instagram and Facebook accounts, and on the influencer's social media channels.

Describe the outcome

This cube hunt was a real success and became the2nd most played Minecraft event of all time in France within the first hour of launching. Here are some results: 120 000 viewers on Twitch, 850 000 cubes hunted, 50h of « try hard » for the winner, 10 000 000 reach.