Product/ServiceTV CHANNEL
Category A01. Fiction & Non-Fiction Films up to 5 minutes
Entrant MUTANT Antwerp, BELGIUM
Idea Creation MUTANT Antwerp, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Odin Saillé Mutant Creative Director
Pieter Claeys Mutant Copywriter
Roxane Schneider Mutant Art Director
Usman Abdul Mutant Photography
Emilie Kino Mutant Account Director
Loes Daemen Mutant Account Manager
Emilie Kino Mutant Producer
Loes Daemen Mutant Producer Assistent
Rachida El Garani Mutant Director
Edouard Valette Mutant DOP
Dimitri Sterkens Mutant Editor
Studio Henri Studio Henri Studio Henri Sound
Klankwerk Klankwerk Klankwerk Sound

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Entertainment is everywhere and everything. But not for everyone. People of colour are often forgotten. Tv is made by and for white people. Through The Eyes Of is a contentplatform that turned content into culture. For the first time a national broadcastnetwork questioned itself as a brand and in doing so opened the conversation about their own content. We reached a whole new audience whose voices are not heard enough. The subject no one talks about was first talked about. It made such an impact that the panel has a permanency at Canvas and season 2 is coming in 2022.


Are the Flemish media inclusive today? Do people of colour get enough coverage, and in the right way? To ask the question is to answer it. And if you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. That's why we created and produced Through The Eyes Of Canvas. The series wants to make us aware of our own prejudices and unintentional insensitivities. To better understand racism, we must dare to see it through the eyes of those who are affected by it.

Describe the creative idea

Through The Eyes Of is a series of short videos in which Flemish people of colour take a critical look at Canvas programmes. They assess the way people with a migration background are portrayed and characterized. The panel of Through The Eyes Of consists of eight young people with an outspoken opinion. They point out where things are already going well, but are tough on passages where they think things are still seriously lacking. Bassim, for example, is amazed at how people with an immigrant background are sometimes treated differently in actuality programmes. Chenling addresses the stereotypical portrayal of Asian women in fiction. And Hind criticizes the lack of soldiers of colour in war documentaries, even though they have fought in numerous battles in both World Wars.

Describe the strategy

At Canvas, the fight against racism and discrimination is high on the agenda. The VRT is the broadcaster of and for everyone in Flanders. All people should be able to recognise themselves in what we make and offer. We live in a very diverse society. The VRT wants to radiate that diversity. And you can only radiate something if it is in you. The videos can be watched via VRT NU and on all social media of Canvas (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

Describe the execution

On the 18th of may 2021 the six different films were launched on VRT NU, as well as all social media platforms of Canvas. (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) A 30s film was broadcasted on tv with a short teaser summary of the six episodes. All eight people in the panel shared their episodes with their followers. Our panel has now a permanency at Canvas and season 2 coming in 2022.

Describe the outcome

Canvas through the eyes of was the most streamed Canvas show on demand. With the same rating as a top 10 TV-show. It was widely talked about on all news outlets and social media platforms. And started the debate about the impact of television in this day and age.