Short List
Category A02. Fiction & Non-Fiction Films: 5-30 minutes
Entrant ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Production ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Post Production ALKEMY Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Jan Mattassi Alkemy Creative Direction
Marco Tironi Alkemy Creative direction
Federica Busino Alkemy project supervision
Niccolò Rigo Allkemy strategy definition
Andrea Biolcatti Alkemy social media strategy
Demetrio Chirico Alkemy creative
Mauro Breda Alkemy creative
Xavier Mairesse Fromatozed direction
Emanuele Zarlenga Alkemy cinematography
Lorenzo Colugnati Alkemy editor
Edvige Crescibene Alkemy account direction
Simone Di Mezza Cutillo Alkemy executive production
Chiara Agresta Alkemy producer
Daniele Esposito Alkemy line production
Fabrizio Ferigo Alkemy editing
Filippo Giordani Alkemy producer
Andrea Metafuni Alkemy set photographer
Camillo Sancisi Alkemy credits animation
Mirko De Crescenzo Jackleg Studio Srl sound designer
Walter Volpatto Company3 color correction
Massimo Paternoster Alkemy creative
Salvatore Specchia Alkemy creative
Giulio Frittaion Alkemy creative
Yuri Alessandro Alfieri Alkemy creative
Federico Capitani Alkemy creative
Christian Leoni Alkemy creative

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Carebonara is a 10’ cinematic online short movie that tells the legend behind the origins of carbonara, a recipe created in 1944. A year that bears a lot of similarities with the one we have just gone through and therefore, as the media put it, “a testament to a lot of the things that many people have missed. Family gatherings, good meals, and healthy cultural exchange.”


Since April 6th 2016, Carbonara Day has been a yearly opportunity for pasta brands to compete for share of voice and establish their leadership in the category. Originally launched by CarbonaraGATE (a disastrous one-pot video recipe that had the internet lose its mind), the Day was created by Barilla and immediately donated to the International Pasta Organisation as an open platform. Barilla needed an unexpected and – given the year we’ve been through - meaningful way to own the 2021 Carbonara Day to demonstrate its category leadership, a social initiative capable of generating conversations for the brand around the existing #CarbonaraDay hashtag and that would align with the brand values and its core belief that pasta is a “gesture of love”. Objectives: to generate a Y-o-Y increase in Reach (earned and paid); Volume of online mentions of #CarbonaraDay; online SOV (Barilla vs other pasta brands)

Describe the creative idea

CAREbonara is the recipe that’s brought people together since 1944. After a difficult year that left its scars on society, Barilla tells the legend behind the iconic pasta recipe and honours it by donating 1 million dishes of carbonara to take care of those in need. Thus concretely transforming carbonara into CAREbonara.

Describe the strategy

The data provided a very simple insight: carbonara is the world’s most popular pasta recipe. So, after 5 years of Carbonara debates (“my” carbonara versus “your” carbonara), Barilla decided to celebrate “our” carbonara: the one pasta recipe that unites us all. A paradigm shift that’s in line with the dramatic historical moment we are living, with most of the world still in lockdown and craving for messages of unity and hope. Finally, there was one last product truth to leverage: the beautiful legend, known by few, of how the recipe was actually born. The story of two distant cultures coming together during terrible and hard times. A beautiful, relevant story waiting to be told and celebrated by the brand that has always believed in the power of pasta to unite people as only simple things can.

Describe the execution

The short film was shot using a cinematic approach. Journalists, cast and Barilla partners were all invited to an exclusive Premiere on YouTube on March 31st. On April 1st, the video was released on YouTube with 3 different edits subbed in English, French and Italian, and each market had its own 15” trailer inviting people to discover the legend. People were instantly moved by the story, watching the whole video despite its length. It wasn’t just that they didn’t skip the ad, they looked for it to leave their comments. Ahead of Carbonara Day, influencers and ambassadors shared the movie poster to raise awareness of CAREbonara and asked fans to make a tangible gesture by preparing carbonara for someone close. On April 6th, Barilla made the final change from Carbonara to Carebonara, a celebration of cooking for others as an act of care, a sentiment shared by all pasta lovers.

Describe the outcome

Driven first by a partnership with YouTube and then by a wave of earned media generated by PR & influencers, the video reached mass visibility in the space of very few days: 39M+ potential reach 18M Youtube views The video itself, though unconventionally long (9mins), generated an outstanding level of engagement, with many viewers congratulating Barilla on social media for making a piece of advertising that they simply did not want to skip: 4+ mins avg. view time 1.2M hours of view time generated The short film made it into popular culture, triggering a clear domination of the CarbonaraDay occasion and conversation by Barilla: 68% increase in online conversations vs #CarbonaraDay 2020 5x Barilla mentions vs main competitor 63% SOV (Italy, Barilla vs other pasta brands) Designed as a one-day social activation, the campaign generated a positive impact on the brand itself.