Short List
Idea Creation TRY REKLAME Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement MEDIACOM Oslo, NORWAY
Production TRY OPT Oslo, NORWAY
Production 2 APARENT Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Eirik Sørensen TRY Creative
Caroline Riis TRY Creative
Trond Sandø TRY account Director
Marte Heiersted TRY Project Manager
Jeppe Gjesti TRY Designer
Kavar Singh Aparent Director
Niels Windfeldt TRY Director
Niels Windfeldt Aparent Photographer
Aleksander Aurdal Aparent Producer
Cecilie Helsvig TRY Advicer
Henrik Pedersen Aparent Editor
Frode Ullebust IKEA Country Marketing Manager
Tobias Lien IKEA Country Marketing Communication Manger
Kristin Berge Jahr IKEA Marketing Communication Specialist
Elise Eik Ismar TRY Graphic Designer
Erik Teigland TRY Digital Producer
Oskar Dalsbakken Aparent Director Of Photography
Laura Ugolini Aparent FAD
Joakim Rissveds Aparent Grade
Andreas Waag Martinsen Aparent Sound Engineer
Thore Garberg Apollo Music Supervisor
Susanne Reinertsen IKEA Online Content Specialist
Beverley Getz Irvin IKEA Online Content Specialist
Åse-Marit Christensen IKEA Integrated Media Manger
Ulrikke Dahl IKEA Media Leader
Alexei Mokel Aparent Props
Espen Saur Aparent Production

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The Trash Collection 2021 was the biggest IKEA campaign in Norway in 2021. The brutally honest 360 campaign used every media channel to highlight a massive sustainability challenge – that people see their furniture as disposable.


IKEA wanted to take about their measures to become sustainable and 100% climate positive by 2030. But it’s hard to break through when you want to talk about sustainability, and even harder when you’re IKEA and people often see your furniture as disposable just because it’s affordable. IKEA is Norway’s largest furniture retailer, and also the cheapest. Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. With an average annual income of €74.000, it’s easy for us to buy new things rather than re-use or take care of what we have. Every year in Norway alone, we throw away more than 3 million pieces of furniture. Which is a lot, when you think about the fact that we have a total population of 5,4 million people. So how could we break through with a sustainable message from IKEA, when people see your products as just the opposite?

Describe the creative idea

In order for IKEA to become credible for Norwegians when talking about their many measures towards a more sustainable profile, we knew we first had to address the elephant in the room. We knew we would struggle to talk about sustainable measures IKEA are taking, if people just see our products as low quality or easily discardable. We needed to change people’s perception of IKEA furniture as disposable - by adopting a completely new and honest way to talk about our products. To make people think twice before throwing away furniture that could have a longer life, we made The Trash Collection 2021. We went out and found actual IKEA trash, gave it a wash and a few spare parts, and sold it as a new collection back at IKEA.

Describe the strategy

The campaign needed to address two target audiences; the people who shop at IKEA but see our furniture as disposable and throw them away, and the more environmentally minded people who don't shop at IKEA because they also see our furniture as disposable. We knew we had to treat The Trash Collection 2021 as massive and proudly as any other collection launch from IKEA. By showing everyone how little it takes to give discarded furniture new life, we aimed to change perceptions of the potential lifespan of IKEA furniture.

Describe the execution

To change people’s perception of IKEA furniture as disposable, we made The Trash Collection 2021. The whole campaign was based on a simple concept; showing IKEA trash that didn't need to end up in the trash. We went out and found actual IKEA products in the trash; abandoned on the street, thrown at the dump and left behind at the beach. We then collected it, gave it a wash and few spare parts, and sold it as a new collection back at IKEA. The collection was heroed in a brutally honest 360 campaign. Every element was treated just like any other IKEA collection, with a massive push on TV, in glossy lifestyle magazines, outdoor, in-store and with its own IKEA-website. Every element talked about just how little it takes to give furniture new life - either by ordering free spare parts or by selling your old furniture back to us.

List the results

The Trash Collection 2021 was only launched in Norway, but reached around the globe and was discussed in massive news outlets all over the world. For IKEA Norway though, the local results mattered the most: Sales of used furniture back to IKEA more than doubled, expanding the Trash Collection by over 3000 pieces and counting. Orders of free spare parts rose with 20% per week since launch, and most importantly: the perception of IKEA as a sustainable company is now at an all time high.