Category F04. Social Behaviour
Entrant PS21 Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation PS21 Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Víctor Blanco PS21 Executive Creative Director
Patricia Medeiros PS21 Head of art
Sergio Hernández PS21 Account Director
Alejandro Pere PS21 Creative Director
Alfonso Moreno PS21 Copywriter
Gonzalo Cordero PS21 Art Director
Gema Díaz PS21 Copywriter
Blanca Otero PS21 Account Executive
Gonzalo Rodríguez PS21 Art Director
Pilar Llorente PS21 Account Executive
Stefano Marchesini PS21 Social Media Manager
Guillermo Fernández PS21 Community Manager

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

In Spainish villages it is very common to define address based on references points, rather than address (the church, the gas sation or a school are por precise that 'Main Street') Base on that cultural behavior to planted our billboard. We borrowed IKEA's visual cues as a nod to that local behavior.