Category E01. Standard Sites
Entrant PS21 Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation PS21 Madrid, SPAIN
Media Placement MINDSHARE Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Víctor Blanco PS21 Executive Creative Director
Sergio García PS21 Strategy Director
Stefano Piccini PS21 Account Director
Inmaculada Muñoz PS21 account supervisor
Aida Zurdo PS21 account excutive
Eloisa Cengotitabengoa PS21 account excutive
Patricia Medeiros PS21 Head of art
José Arroyo PS21 creative
Inés Figueras PS21 creative
Pablo Vilar PS21 creative
Alejandro Maruenda PS21 creative
Rubén Sánchez PS21 creative director

Cultural / Context information for the jury

During 2020 Spain become the third country in eCommerce purchases growth (+36% in 12 months). But this also attracted a non desired side effect: cybercrime increased by 35,8% in the same timeframe. In this scenario, BBVA decided to launch a new card: Aqua, the most secure card they ever created, with no print numbers on the plastic card, connected to an app, and with a dynamic security code that changes every 5 minutes, only visible in your app to protect all your physical and online purchases. The challenge was to position the card as the safest on the market, and recruit new clients to the bank. The objective was to sign 190.000 new card contracts. In terms of brand objectives it was key to create buzz around the new product, increasing top of mind and consideration.

Please outline the innovative elements of the work

To connect with people and prove how secure this new card is, we did something never done before in the banking world: Place the actual BBVA CMO's card inside a bus shelter in plain sight on Madrid's Gran Vía, the busiest street in Spain (30,000 people walk it daily) and the third busiest in Europe. Crazy, unless it is the most secure card on the market. We designed a window stand shaped like the card and backlit it, focusing the attention on it, as if it were a jewel. This way it stood out both day and night. In addition to a clear and concise headline, we included a letter written and signed by the bank's CMO. The card was exposed for 2 weeks, as part of a bigger traditional OOH circuit, demonstrating what the campaign said. A totally different action as far as banking communication is concerned.