Category A01. Consumer Goods
Entrant C14 Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation C14 Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev C14 Executive Creative Director
Alexis Benbehe C14 Creative Director
Pierre Mathonat C14 Creative Director
Shanel Redzheb C14 Art Director
Lucie Guidon C14 Copywriter
Paul Ducré C14 Agency Supervisor
Julie Haslé C14 Agency Supervisor
Alexandra Lair C14 Agency Supervisor
Charlotte Delpon C14 Agency Supervisor
Dominique Castellano C14 Planner
Jason Lusty Seat Advertiser Supervisor
Timothée Gazeau Seat Advertiser Supervisor
Andrea Torlai Seat Advertiser Supervisor
Elise Remark Seat Advertiser Supervisor
Aïssata Diallo Seat Advertiser Supervisor
Pierre-Edouard Sabary Seat Advertiser Supervisor

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Recent times have outlined the need for cities’ transformation with new ways of mobility. Cars aren’t the only way anymore. People in town use more and more innovative ways of commuting : ekickscooters, electric bikes, hoverboards…In this context where cars are no longer systematically the only solution, SEAT disrupts the market by no longer being a car brand but a mobility provider. With a monthly subscription offering not only a car, but also an electric scooter and an ekickscooter, you can adapt your transportation to your journey.

Is the poster / billboard larger or smaller than a 6 sheet poster (1200 x 1800mm)?

It’s a 4x3m format, displayed mainly at train and underground stations.