Silver Eurobest
Product/ServiceFAR CRY 5
Category A08. Use of Licensed or Adapted Music
Production HENRY Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 SCHMOOZE Paris, FRANCE
Production 3 BALLAD Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev DDB Paris Executive Creative Director
Alexandre Lagoet DDB Paris Art Director
Stephane Kaczorowski DDB Paris Copywriter
Marie-Elise ARCHAMBAUD DDB Paris Account Manager
Laetitia de CAMAS DDB Paris Account Executive
Sebastien GENTY DDB Paris Managing Director
Dominique CASTELLANO DDB Paris Planner
Sophie MEGROUS DDB Paris Head of Prodcution
Toby RIDGWAY DDB Paris Post Producer
Alban 404 - Resident Gamer
Geoffroy SARDIN Ubisoft Advertiser Supervisor
Guillaume CARMONA Ubisoft Advertiser Supervisor
Camille ANEAS Ubisoft Advertiser Supervisor
Alexia BRUME Ubisoft Advertiser Supervisor
Jean-Luc BERGERON Henry Producer
Yannick DUPAS Henry Production Director
Martin DE THURAH Henry Director
Khalid MOHTASEB Henry Dop
Mikkel E G NIELSEN Henry Editing
Sébastien GROS Henry Post-production supervisor
Gregoire GALIAN Schmooze Sound Prodcution
Maersk MOELLER GREGERS Ballad Sound Prodcution
Adrian AURELIUS Ballad Sound Prodcution
Sylvain RETY Schmooze Sound editor
Fabrice DAMOLINI MIKRO MPC Production Director
Malica BENJEMIA MIKRO MPC Executive Producer
Quentin MARTIN MIKRO MPC Executive Producer
Thomas HAAS MIKRO MPC Supervisor
Mickael GIROD MIKRO MPC Supervisor
Vincent AUDINEAU MIKRO MPC FX Graphic artist

Tell the jury about the choice of music track.

"RED SEX" by Vessel is not just the music of the movie but its driving force. It has the originality of being constructed at the same time as the film, as layers piled on top of each other again and again. In the beginning, a percussion punches you in the gut, then the music takes us with it to the head of the prophet where the accumulation of sounds and noises form a chaos. These layers reflect the complexity of what is happening in the head of this prophet of evil. At the end of the flashback we feel like we're finally out of the water with the girl, the only difference is that we can still breathe. But the pace is already accelerating again, it is now the heartbeat of the terrorized faithful, it eats the space, it fills it. Nothing is finished. The nightmare is just beginning.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In Hope County, a small town in Montana, the Prophet Joseph Seed is baptizing the new members of his cult sect called "the Church of Eden's gate". But as he is about to baptize a young disciple, Joseph is caught by his memories. He knew this girl in the past, ten years ago, when he arrived in the town. She is the little girl of the priest whom he pays a visit, before taking his place… A few moments later, Joseph snaps back to reality. He takes the girl's head out of the water, but too late. She is dead, drowned. Indifferent, Joseph lets the body drift off down the river and invites another disciple to come and be baptized.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Far Cry 5 is the fifth opus of the iconic Ubisoft game license. It had been two years since gamers were waiting for this new release and Ubisoft needed to deliver. Hitchcock would say “The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture” A good video game is like a good movie: it needs a good bad guy. And a bad guy is someone with a history. In Far Cry 5, the villain is called Joseph Seed. He is the prophet of the Eden’s gate church in Montana. Joseph has a very precise mission in this life: save 3000 souls before the end of the world. Whether they want it or not.