Short List
Product/ServiceNOKIAN TYRES
Category A06. Editing
Idea Creation 2 THIRSTY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production THIRSTY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Jyrki Poutanen TBWA\Helsinki Chief Creative Officer
Tuomas Perälä TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Erno Reinikainen TBWA\Helsinki Creative Director
Mika Sylvin TBWA\Helsinki Creative Agency Producer
Noora Murremäki TBWA\Helsinki Account Director
Rune Milton Thirsty Director
Niels Kau Thirsty Producer
Claus Møller Thirsty Line Producer
Matthew Chuang Thirsty DOP
Sturla Brandth Grøvlen Thirsty DOP
Christian Rathman Wonderland Art Director
Mads Jørgensen Wonderland Art Director
Lasse Vejby Wonderland Art Director
Emil Gundersen Thirsty Editor
Kevin Koch Thirsty Sound Designer
Jonas Larsen Thirsty Music composer:
Mikael Balle Mikael Balle VFX VFX designer
Anu Moisio Nokian Tyres Marketing Manager
Sami Kelahaara TBWA\Helsinki Senior Creative
Mikko Pietilä TBWA\Helsinki Creative Director

Tell the jury anything relevant about the edit.

The POV tyre in this film is a symbol for the wheel of time in human life. That’s why the edit needed to support the illusion of a spinning effect. We wanted to constantly engage the viewer and bombard him/her with impressions and emotions that are almost overwhelming on the first viewing, then sink in and become even more meaningful the more he/she watches it. All of our shots were edited with high energy. We rapidly cut through frames like staccato notes in a song, linger a tad bit longer on others, and dive back into the action again. It’s a feeling of organized chaos — powerful, raw, and real. By editing the film dynamically, the juxtaposing shots and sequences meld together and become even more powerful And at the end, we suggest that life doesn’t just stop, it goes on.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

“It’s a Beautiful Journey” is a film that explores human life and the world around us through the perspective of our product, a car tyre. We experience the epic and sublime of nature in all its glory, the burning flame of new love, the intimacy of family, the joie de vivre of childhood – all this through a tyre’s point of view. On top of this, we showcase the different driving conditions Nokian Tyres are designed for: the icy winter roads, massive highways, rugged off-roads, wet asphalt and big city streets. The tyre spins and navigates the roads through all these seasons as it goes through the revolutions in life. All these elements are combined together with a “tyre effect” – a rotating tyre and a flickering alloy. The fact that we saw everything from a tyre’s point of view is only revealed at the end, right before the packshot.