Bronze Eurobest

Demo Film


Category A11. Visual Effects
Entrant M&C SAATCHI Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation M&C SAATCHI Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production BLECK Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 ALWAYS FRANK Stockholm, SWEDEN
Additional Company COM HEM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Nicholas Düfke M&C Saatchi Stockholm Copywriter
Alexander Elers M&C Saatchi Stockholm Creative Director
Anton Hååg M&C Saatchi Stockholm Final Art
Matilda Lindqvist M&C Saatchi Stockholm Head of Studio
Isabel Sawtelle M&C Saatchi Stockholm Final Art
Martin Lindelöf M&C Saatchi Stockholm Motion Graphics
Erika Fondin M&C Saatchi Stockholm Senior Strategist
Daniel Sundin M&C Saatchi Stockholm Account Manager
Bjarte Eide M&C Saatchi Stockholm CEO & Partner
Mattias Colden Always Frank Agency Producer
Åke Balfors Com Hem Marketing Manager
Jonas Lundquist Com Hem Chief Marketing Officer
Rune Milton Bleck Director
Lars Nordenson Bleck Producer
Pål Åsberg Bleck Executive Producer
Paul Meyers Paul Meyers DoP
Jonas Larsen Jonas Larsen Music Composer
Kevin Koch Kevin Koch Sound Design
Adam Nielsen Adam Nielsen Editing
Mikael Balle Mikael Balle VFX VFX Supervisor & Grading
Kim Fersling The Gentlemen Broncos VFX The Gentlemen Broncos VFX
Alexander Schepelern The Gentlemen Broncos VFX VFX, COMP & 3D

Tell the jury about the visual effects and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

With a budget a lot smaller than our ambition, we needed smart solutions. A mobile mock-up of the plane (designed specifically for the production) was rigged with cameras in a studio and shot against green screen. (This allowed us to get an analogue feel, as if the camera was mounted on the plane the way it had been if shot in the air.) Plates where filmed in Monument Valley. We chose a cohesive color scheme of red sand, blue sky and the silver plane. The director was working with our carefully casted actor to get the right reactions and an authentic feel. The mock-ups movements were recreated in post production using a CGI model of the plane to achieve the final result. We also added optical defects to the vfx-shots to make it more authentic. Every detail was carefully taken care of to get an authentic and visually epic film.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We see an airplane flying fast through the air above Monument Valley. The pilot is a young boy - he's excitingly maneuvering the airplane, stretching the limits and making it go faster up, up, up in the sky, almost into space. But suddenly, there is a strange cloud ahead. What is it? It's... popcorns?! We cut to a boys' room, where our pilot is in front of a video game/flight simulator. His sister is throwing popcorns at him, saying "hey, it's my turn now", and we realize we were just experiencing the same thing as our young pilot was - all thanks to super fast broadband from Com Hem.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Com Hem (which translates as ’Come Home’ in Swedish) is Sweden’s leading provider of broadband, with a superior product offering: the fastest broadband and widest range of TV and play services. The concept “Com Hem to more powerful experiences” is based on the insight that the best entertainment is so powerful it immerses you into it. This time we needed to communicate an even faster broadband - with a staggering 1200 Mbits - and we did it through a young boy flying a plane (or actually playing a video game). Fasten your seat belts.