Bronze Eurobest
Category A02. Script
Idea Creation ROMANCE Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 SCHMOOZE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexandre Hervé Romance Executive Creative Director
Christophe Lichtenstein Romance President
Romain Roux
 Romance Head of Planning
Philippe Pinel Romance Creative
Frédérick Lung Romance Creative
Julien Rezette Romance Art Director
Sébastien de Milleville Romance Business Director
Fanélie Martin Romance Account Executive
Nicolas Andrieux Romance Account Executive
Sophie Mégrous Romance Head of Production
Catherine Guiol Romance Producer
Rudi Rosenberg Insurrection Director
Erinn Lothe-Guillon Insurrection Executive Producer
Christine Fauconnot Insurrection Line producer
Yorick Le Sau Insurrection DOP Lighting Cameraman
Julian Hondorf Insurrection Lightning Cameraman
Gaël Leroux Insurrection Production Designer
Pierre Du Bois Berranger Insurrection Production Designer
Nathalie Guillaume Insurrection Casting Director
Julie Lena Insurrection Editor
Bruno Tracq Insurrection Editor
Simon Tilbury Pokerstars Communication Manager
Martin Szelenbaum Pokerstars Communication Officer
Kirsten Everett Pokerstars Communication Officer

Provide the full film script in English.

And there you are, the very moment when bluffing is your only way to win. You’re freaking out kiddo, and it’s normal. But think, think about all those lies you managed to convince yourself with. Think about this pull-up bar that is still waiting for you to get back in shape. About this desk that you were supposed to put up next Sunday for the past 3 years About this book that has traveled 3 times around the world without leaving your suitcase. Already feeling better little boy? Go on, bluff master… Think about your parents whom you could swear never had sex. About este poncho you were sure to rock with once back from vacaciones ! About this banana case you once judged essential. And always remember: If you can bluff yourself, you can bluff anyone. PokerStars Your are already a great poker player

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We are all great poker players. This is what the 3 films of this campaign intent to demonstrate. Each film stages an average player at a key moment of a poker game. When the doubt start to sneak in their mind a voice-over comes in and start to explain to the player not only why he shouldn’t doubt but also why, thanks to his past experiences, he is going win this hand. Each film illustrates a different poker situation: bluffing, being bluffed and reading tells. Autobluff: A pull-up bar that is now a cloth line, a book that has never been read… these are few of the pieces of evidence that we all bluff ourselves from time to time. And if you can bluff yourself you can bluff anyone.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

In France and other countries, PokerStars was suffering from what we called the "Expert Syndrome". Indeed, over the past years, Pokerstars had been portraying poker champions (Elki...) and high level athletes (Ronaldo, Neymar...) in its commercials, therefore giving the feeling that it was reserved for experts or very wealthy people (eg. if you didn't have minimum 1 million euros on your bank account, Pokerstars wasn't for you). Not to mention the brand name itself.