Short List
Category A02. Script
Idea Creation GRABARZ & PARTNER Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Placement PHD GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Production 2 PIRATES 'N PARADISE Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Production 3 MOKOH MUSIC Berlin, GERMANY
Production 4 STUDIO FUNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company VOLKSWAGEN Wolfsburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Ralf Heuel Grabarz & Partner CCO
Tobias Ahrens Grabarz & Partner Group CD
Jakob Eckstein Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Matthias Preuss Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Ralf Lukowsky Grabarz & Partner Art Director
Raphael Klawuhn Grabarz & Partner Copywriter
Jan Isterling Grabarz & Partner Group Head Account Management
Jasmin Schwarzinger Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Axel Doepner Grabarz & Partner Agency Producer
Lutz Kothe Volkswagen AG Head of Marketing
Jörn Hartig Volkswagen AG Head of Integrated Communication
Henning Teichmann Volkswagen AG Advertising Manager
SOUP Filmproduktion GmbH, Berlin SOUP Filmproduktion GmbH, Berlin Film Production
Scott Pickett SOUP Filmproduktion GmbH, Berlin Director
Crighton Bone SOUP Filmproduktion GmbH, Berlin DOP
Pirates 'N Paradise Berlin GmbH Pirates 'N Paradise Berlin GmbH Post Production
Stephan Moritz Mokoh Music GmbH Music
Studio Funk Hamburg Studio Funk Hamburg Sound Studio
phd, Düsseldorf phd, Düsseldorf Media Agency
Philip Ogassa Arri Mitte Berlin Colour Grading

Provide the full film script in English.

Das Skript: „Boring Boy“ On the maternity ward. A newborn boy is lying in his bed. He looks over to a newborn girl and starts to scream. Pow. The girl and every other baby immediately fall asleep. Years later. We see him as a small boy sitting in the sandpit. He starts to talk to a small girl next to him. Pow. Immediately, she falls into a deep sleep and tips softly to one side – directly into a sand castle. We see the boy as a young teenager standing in front of his school class. Just in the moment he starts reading a poem out loud, all his classmates fall asleep. Years later. As a teenager, he is in a club. A girl is standing alone in the middle of the dance floor. She smiles embarrassed as he approaches her. He introduces himself but after a few words – pow, she immediately falls asleep. Years later. The man in the middle of his fifties. In the office, he stands beside a female colleague who copies documents. She asks him for some help, but as soon as he answers – pow, she drops off immediately on the glass top of the photocopier. The photocopier goes on and copies with her face on are coming out of it. Again some years later. Our protagonist, meanwhile in the middle of his sixties. He is sitting next to a nice older lady in the Golf Sportsvan JOIN. In love, he looks at her. She looks back for one moment and smiles. He collects his thoughts and confesses his little boringness problem to her. Pow – her eyes close slowly, but immediately the driver alert system turns on and wakes her again. The man could hardly believe his luck and smiles. (Packshot and Super:) The new Golf Sportsvan JOIN. With Driver Alert System. (Super:) We make the future real. (Logo:) Volkswagen

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Our TVC tells the emotional story of the world’s most boring boy. He was so boring that as soon as he’d open his mouth, people around him would immediately fall asleep. The condition has made his life difficult since childhood, especially when it came to finding a girlfriend or, later, the love of his life. Until he finally meets the one who manages to stay awake – well, at least while driving – thanks to Fatigue Detection in her car.