Short List
Category A06. Editing
Entrant ANTONI Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation ANTONI Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Marcell Francke antoni Garage Executive Creative Director
Lucas Schneider antoni Garage Creative Director
David Kauder antoni Garage Creative Director
We are from LA We are from LA Director
Adolpho Veloso Adolpho Veloso DoP
Bernd Wondollek Bernd Wondollek DoP

Tell the jury anything relevant about the edit.

Fast action, relentless energy, and quick cuts; this is what defines this new film launching the latest Mercedes-Benz C-Class. With post-production by editor Simon Colin, the editing process was all about creating the perfect visual analogies between the athletes and the cars, and cut from over 25 hours of footage. The idea was to start where other sports commercials end, to illustrate Roger Federer’s and the C-Class’ relentless improvement process.

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

This film shows that true greatness often begins the moment you think you're done. It's this idea that athletes and the new C-Class have in common: they never stop improving. No matter if it's their technique, speed, endurance, reactions, movements or presence. The basic idea of this film is to illustrate this parallel with clear comparisons. Match cuts and visual transitions increase in speed until a well-deserved break, then everything starts all over again. The film follows the Mercedes-Benz brand ambassadors Roger Federer and African sprint star Akani Simbine in unusual training scenarios. In addition, it features athletes from the high-performance and lifestyle sports golf, baseball, basketball, swimming, and dancing. It was brought to life by the Grammy award-winning French director's duo We are from LA in typical bright and colourful style.