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Category B01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Name Company Position
Alexander Schill Serviceplan Group Global Chief Creative Officer
Dimitri Guerassimov Serviceplan France Chief Creative Officer
Fabien Teichner Serviceplan France Chief Creative Officer
Hervé Poupon Serviceplan France Chief Creative Director
Daniel Perez Serviceplan France Creative Director
Benjamin Coché Serviceplan France Creative Director
Chloé Rosiaux Serviceplan France Copywriter
Astrid Pinon Serviceplan France Art Direction
Ingrid Hammaoui Serviceplan France Art Director
Renaud Chabert Serviceplan France Creative Producer
Simon Guillou Trinity FIlms Editor
Hugo Denepoux Trinity Films Editor &Motion Designer
Jarina Amach Trinity Films Grading & FX
Manu Cuesta Trinity FIlms Director Autist Shoots
Nicolas Foulatier Trinity Films Line Producer
Alexandre Poirier Comptoir du son Sound Engineer Studio

Describe the strategy

1. Proving that this belief actually works. Andros took a bold risk: hiring severe autistic people in its factories, in the same terms as any worker. It turned out they were as productive and efficient as any worker. With a job and a salary, like any citizen, they became much happier and independent in society. 2. Turning that successful experience into a program To help other companies do the same, Andros and its partner agency launched a digital toolkit platform where recruiters could find information about the Andros experiment, search for the right autistic candidates’ profiles and get a full package including a place to live and professional coaching for the autistic workers.

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare/RX/Pharma communications in your country/region including

This program fully respect the rules which apply in France in terms of Health communication. Moreover the French government fully approved the program. Sophie Cluzel, the Secretary of State in charge of disabled people even came herself in the factory to meet the autistic workers and congratulate the team behind.

Describe the target audience and why your work is relevant to them. Pharma audience types:

By connecting autistic people with employers and help them find a job, the AUTISM CAN WORK program has already changed the life of several persons. Health workers and autism specialists acknowledged the virtues of our program on autistic people’s well-being.

Describe the creative idea

What if we were all wrong about Autism ? What if Autism was just another form of intelligence, misunderstood and left unexploited ? Could autistic specificites, well-employed, be valuable work skills ? Work, as everybody knows, is the first factor of social insertion. Based on that strong belief, Andros – one of the main food leaders in France – and its partner agency decided to change the way people look at Autism. Where society sees Autists as compulsive people, we see compulsively focused people. In their obsessional behaviors, we see obsession for precision. So how can we turn these “inhabilities” into capacities ? By creating AUTISM CAN WORK. A care program that is a career program.

Describe the execution

We presented this game-changing platform to the CEOs of major companies, HR departments and main autism associations. Through this one-on-one digital tool, job offers were matched with the perfect autistic candidates. As the 4th national plan on Autism was launched by the French government, we triggered a nationwide PR campaign aiming the medias and journalists, based on Andros’ bold experiment.

List the results

This pioneering initiative started a wide debate in national media, that pushed the French government to endorse and support AUTISM CAN WORK. Our program helped cut down the yearly cost per Autisic person from 100.000€ down to 35.000€, generating precious cost savings for the community. Health workers and autism specialists acknowledged the virtues of our program on autistic people’s well-being. To this day, two other major companies are already involved in AUTISM CAN WORK, and many more showed a significant interest in Andros’ program, proving that we need people with Autism as much as they need us.